King BW

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King BW
Ring name King BW
Height 5'11
Weight 514 lbs.
Born United States
Resides Anderson, Indiana
Debut 2009

Will Goldsmith Jr., also known as King BW and King Big Will is an American backyard wrestler and storyline General Manager of Indiana Championship Wrestling. Since his debut in the federation in 2009, King BW has been apart of many backyard wrestling supershows in Indiana. Already a 3-time GBYWN Midwest Champion, he is also the current Chairman of the GBYWN.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Indiana Championship Wrestling (2009-present)

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Corporate Driver (Fire Thunder)
    • Big Will Splash
    • 2012
  • Nicknames

  • Entrance theme

Championships and accomplishments

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