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[[l_90ef2371bf09443fbe0d62b2a2ce42f5.jpg Jaymz Angel (Right) and Joshua Woodstock (Left)]]

James C. Zeidler (born March 14, 1986) is an american Underground Wrestler and Rock Guitarist better known by his ring name Jaymz Angel who wrestles for many orginizations in the Lower Delaware/Salisbury, MD inclusing his home promotion Federation of the Forgotten Ones (FFO) and Riot Championship Wrestling (RCW). Known for wrestling a very basic no frills old school heel style.

== In Wrestling ==

Finishers and Signatures

                K.T.F.O (Jumping/Diving punch on to proned opponet)
                Anarchy Lock (Deathlock STF)
                Angel Dust (Wrist-Clutch Fishermans Buster)
                Spiral Hell Blade (Ore Ga Taue varation)
                Arm Bar from Guard Posisition
                Triangle Choke

Tag Teams and Stables

             PBnJ V1 (With P Philly and their Manager Becci) 2005-06
             The Collaboration (with Da Dude and Joshua Woodstock) 2006-07
             Anarchy Inc. (with END, Da Dude, and Sean Elliot Xavier) 2007
             PBnJ v2 (With P.Philly and Biggie) Summer 2007
             A.R.M.Y 2007-08
             The Trinity (With Crisis and Omen) 2008
             Bad Company (with Joshua Woodstock and Notorious B.L.A.C.K) 2009

Entrance Themes

 "Scum of the Earth" by Rob Zombie (2005-07)
 "The Memory Remains" by Metallica (W/ "The Champ is Here" intro) (2007)
 "Pshycho Circus" by KISS (2007-08)
 "Highway to Hell by AC/DC (2008)
 "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant (2009)

== Championships and Accomplishments ==

3x FFO Champion

4x FFO Tag Team Champion

2x FFO (Un)Pure Champion

1x Holder of the FFO "Blood Money" Breifcase

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