James Allen

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James Allen
Ring name James Allen
Height 5'7"
Weight 150 lbs
Born October 25, 1994 (age 15)
Resides Tennessee
Alignment Heel
Debut 2009

Marc Joseph Waller (born October 25, 1994), best known in backyard wrestling as James Allen is an American backyard wrestler who wrestles for Attack Championship Wrestling (ACW). He founded and co-owns ACW.

James Allen is currently training to improve and harness backyard wrestling and hopes to one day rise to the level of other well-known backyard wrestlers.




In 2008, Marc wrestled in the now defunct and short-lived Ultimate Kids Wrestling (UKW). He wrestled there as MJ Styles and was considerably out of shape. Weighing in at over 180 lbs. He wrestled as a high flying wrestler who used the edges of the trampoline to springboard off of with a variety of Springboard Dropkicks, Clothesline, and Elbows.


In 2009, Marc returned to the backyard wrestling world under his current ring name, "James Allen." He wrestled in the now defunct Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW), which would return later that year as Unlimited Championship Wrestling. Here he wrestled as a Split Personality Heel that was out-shadowed by his comedy gimmick, "Special Ed!" Special Ed! was a mentally retarded, green haired wrestler that portrayed a dinosaur. Special Ed! achieved great success, winning both the UCW Intercontinental and Nex Gen titles, unifying them for the first time. James Allen was met with a losing streak, only winning his last match in the federation, leaving his record 1-6.


In 2010, James Allen returned once more to the trampoline. He currently wrestles in Attack Championship Wrestling which he co-owns. He is once again a heel and in his debut match won the ACW Hardcore Title. At ACW's very first Free-Per-View, Viva La BYW, James Allen lost his Hardcore title to Red Dragon in a hardcore match after 2 con-chair-tos. After the match, in anger he attacked Analice and El Muerte which forced the cancellation of their match.

In wrestling

  • Finishers
    • Omega Drop (Inverted double underhook facebuster) - 2010-present
    • Crossface - 2010-present
  • Signatures
    • Do A Barrel Role! (Two no-release clothesline followed by a cutter)
    • Clothesline Omega ( Jumping clothesline to a sitting opponent)
    • Arm wrench transitioned into a Lungblower
    • Devil Lock DDT
    • German Suplex
    • Spear
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Miss Murder (Director's Cut) by AFI

Championships and accomplishments

  • Attack Championship Wrestling
    • ACW Hardcore Championship (1 time)
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