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JJJet is an American Backyard Wrestler, currently wrestling for the Nebo Hardcore Wrestling (NHW); where he is the current NHW World Heavyweight Champion, and is in his second reign as champion.

He began in NHW as part of the Black Hand, with then tag partner, Taymos Rexx. He joined NHW after both his federations Manitou and Nebo Trampoline Wrestling (MNTW), and Extreme Trampoline Wrestling Incorporated (ETWI) both folded after 3 years each.

Finishing and Signature Moves

Pele Kick

Pedigree, usually off an elevated platform.

J Avenue (Leaping Reverse STO)-2008; used on special occasions from 2009-present

Sleeper Hold-used as finisher in 2008; used as a regular move 2009-Present

Flying Side Kick

Super Kick

Roundhouse Kick

Running Elbow Smash

Running Knee Strike to a cornered opponent

Senton Bomb

Championships and Accomplishments

Nebo Hardcore Wrestling

NHW World Heavyweight Championship (2 times, current)

NHW Hardcore Championship (1 time)

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