Innovative Xtreme Wrestling

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Innovative Xtreme Wrestling
Acronym IXW
Established 2002-present
Style N/A
Wrestling base Ring
Location Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Innovative Xtreme Wrestling (IXW) formerly Underground Xtreme Wrestling is a backyard wrestling federation that began in 2002 based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Previously located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the backyard promotion had went under UXW before a switch in 2004.

After running more regular events in 2006, the federations slightly settled at the cause of lack of performers and hosting venue and travelled to many interfederation supershows held by Easter States Wrestling, comprised of performers from different states including places such as Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and even parts of Canada.

In April 2007, IXW successfully hosted their our own supershow, IXW Finest Tournament III, and after taking a hiatus to recover from injury, they expect to return in full form with a 14x14 ring starting in March 2009 with federations BXW, BWA, TWC, and 2XW, as well as people from Florida and New York.



Like many, Kristian Smith loved the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE) and wanted to be a wrestler himself. When he made the decision to do so, he and a few of his friends formed Backyard Xtreme Wrestling (BXW) in 1999. Portraying the alias DarkDemon, Kris moderately ran BXW with friends New Jack and Jackhammer until 2002. Their shows consisted of messing around in the Kris's backyard, shadowing moves performed by wrestlers they watched on television.

Once 2002 came, Kris felt BXW needed a change, and help. He found fellow wrestling enthusiast Erik Williams to help with off-camera performance and planning. New Jack and Jackhammer slowly phased out and Kris recruited new wrestlers Scorpion Kid, xXx Dragon, Global Threat, and East Coast Assassin, and changed the federation's name to Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling (uXw). With the help of Global Threat, Kris was finally able to record annual shows and create music videos of uXw. Still, Kris felt uXw could be something bigger and looked to recruit even more wrestlers to make uXw something special. So after months and months of continuous negotiations, Kris finally got Michael Strohl, who he thought was that something special, to join uXw. Quickly Mike (Hybrid) became a force to be rekoned with in uXw and Kris finally started to see his dream take shape.

In early 2003, Kris, Erik, and Mike began seriously planning shows, but after an incident in Kris's 'yard, the guys were forced to find a new home to wrestle. During this downtime, Erik and Kris began planning Summer Rumble '03, Brandon (Global Threat) and Rob (East Coast Assassin) were searching for a new venue, and Mike had recruited Nathan Herster (Hell's Guardian, Nate Hatred, The Hated One) to join uXw, just in time for Summer Rumble '03. With a venue found, uXw (now Underground Xtreme Wrestling) began holding shows to hype up Summer Rumble '03. Once that July day came, everyone was excited. uXw finally had a fan base, with as many as 15 people in attendance were there to watch Summer Rumble '03, and the matches (for their time) were great. The biggest show to date was going well, until the conclusion of the Last Man Standing match between Hybrid and Global Threat when the cops showed up and shut uXw down for trespassing.

uXw wouldn't stay down for very long, though. Rob (now Rob Phoenix) had found another venue a short distance away, on top of a 12-foot-high steel trailer. With new comer Andy Rauhdi, this venue would last almost the entire calender year until the spring of 2004 when uXw was yet again run out by the owners of the property. Kris had a big decision to make; either find another new venue, or give up his dream and shut down uXw completely. Somehow, someway, uXw returned to the original venue, Kris's backyard, but for only one show. Summer Rumble '04 was happening and Kris was giving it all up in one last hoo-rah, going down the only way uXw knew how, and that was Xtreme.

Hybrid, Global Threat, and DarkDemon all fought in the very first 2 Falls Triple Threat Deathmatch. The winner of the first fall would win the uXw Xtreme Championship, and the winner of the second fall would win the uXw Undisputed Championship, who would go on to defend the championship against The Hated One. Global Threat won the first fall and Hybrid won the second, and then went on to retain his championship against The Hated One. After the event was over, everyone celebrated the end of uXw, and Hybrid gave DarkDemon the uXw Undisputed Championship.

It didn't last long, though. Shortly after uXw was finished, Innovative Xtreme Wrestling (IXW) was born a short month later. Kris wanted to concentrate on his wrestling and gave full control of IXW to Erik. Kris changed his alias from DarkDemon to Kris Urban, and welcomed new comers Lil' Dragon and Luisito, while Hybrid, Global Threat, Rob Phoenix, and Andy Rauhdi did not return, saying, 'It isn't uXw, we feel like we got screwed.' and left it at that.

IXW successfully carried on without them, but it only took another couple of months for Hybrid to return and make his presence known on IXW turf. With the return of Hybrid, IXW was on pace to be bigger and better than uXw, but would soon face a huge problem when Global Threat returned and threw Kris Urban off the roof, costing him to lose the IXW World Heavyweight Championship to Kid Renegade. The very next week, during a match between Hybrid & Kid Renegade, Andy Rauhdi returned with Global Threat and brutally attacked Kid Renegade. Both had announced that uXw had returned to take over IXW, and that the war had just begun.

Over the next few weeks, Global Threat and Andy Rauhdi had brought the uXw Undisputed Championship and the uXw 24/7 Championship back home, respectively. They also got Lil' Dragon, Scorpion Kid, and most importantly, Hybrid to defect to uXw so they could compete with IXW's top guys. Both companies were slated to clash at IXW vs. uXw: Our Finest Hour, to determine which company would survive the war. Global Threat and Kid Renegade were slated to clash in an all-or-nothing match to determine which company would be left standing. Kris Urban didn't think Kid Renegade would be able to do the job and demanded he be the one to face Global Threat instead. In fact, everyone from both uXw and IXW thought they should be the one's to determine their company's fate.

Erik Williams was faced with a tough decision, and decided the only way to give everyone a fair shot was to put everyone from both companies, except Global Threat and Kid Renegade, into an over-the-top-rope elimination match, which would make the match a triple threat match. What happened in the rumble was not what Erik had expected, as both Kris Urban and Hybrid eliminated eachother at the exact same time. So what Erik did was put all 4 men into a Fatal 4-way Deathmatch for it all. The victor would be owner and World Champion of their respective company. The losing 'team', or company would be non-existant. IXW lived when Kris Urban won the brutal match, becoming owner and World Heavyweight Champion of IXW.

IXW would try to build up to their next, and last show Remitation. Everything leading up to the show was a success, but Kid Renegade, Lil' Dragon and Luisito no-showed the event, which put a damper on Remitation. Even though the show carried on, it wasn't a big success and IXW soon after lost the venue. After that, IXW vaguely ran shows. In 2006 IXW ran a few one-match shows with Hybrid and Kris Urban trying to hold the company together, and in August of 2006 they successfully ran Summer Rumble 2006, but that would be the last IXW show until 2007.

Throughout the rest of 2006 and much of 2007, IXW met another federation in Telford, Pennsylvania called Telford Wrestling Corporation (TWC). From there IXW began going to other shows held by TWC, 2XW, ACW (Florida), and ESW, which held supershows where many from the Northeastern part of the United States gathered to wrestle. After doing a handful of Supershows, IXW wanted to give back to those that were kind to them in 2006 and hold some one-off shows. They ran a show in September of 2007 with TWC called http://www.KidRenegadeIsInJail/YeaIKnow, and ran a two-day Supershow in April 2008 (Surprise, Surprise...Right in Your Eye! & Finest Tournament III).



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