Inner City Wrestling Syndicate

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Acronym ICWS
Established March 18, 2007
Management Zeplin Industries
Style Technical and hardcore wrestling entertainment
Wrestling base Ring
Traditional BY Base
Location Perth, Australia
Formerly UWF
External links ICWS Website
Official Facebook
YouTube Channel

Inner City Wrestling Syndicate (ICWS), is an Australian backyard wrestling federation founded in Perth, Australia.




From UWF forms the ICWS

ICWS Events

  • Their biggest show of the year among all is Twisted Metal held in May, as it celebrates the anniversary of the very first event with a big supercard.


Product style

Special events

External links

Current champions

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
ICWS Active Championships
ICWS Heavyweight Championship/GBYWN Australian Heavyweight Championship
Mike Delcanho
November 27, 2011
ICWS Seasons Beatings 2011
ICWS Hardcore Championship
Aston Crude
June 2, 2012
ICWS Radical Movement
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