Iconic Wrestling Circuit

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Iconic Wrestling Circuit
Acronym IWC
Established 2006
Key people N/A
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Norfolk, Connecticut
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Iconic Wrestling Circuit (IWC) is a backyard wrestling federation that began operations in 2006. It was originally known as 3 Count Wrestling before merging with No DQ Wrestling.


In Summer 2006, 3 Count Wrestling as it was first known and based in Norfolk, Connecticut, entered the backyard wrestling scene. Its initial show featured Andrew Wright, Skye Bynes, Hikaze, Jordan Smalls, Matthews Smalls, "Cowboy" Joe Higgins, Ron Diamond, Anton Blade and Franky Bomb. The events were presented in Wright's backyard also dubbed the "Suburban Backyard Arena". At the second show, Dead Fish Stink, Andrew Wright defeated Jordan Smalls in a Ladder match to become the first 3CW Champion.

Adversity subsequently surfaced when Andrew Wright and Benjamin Right Back were injured in their match together. This resulted in worry among Wright's parents to shut them down from wrestling in the area. During September 2006 to February 2007, 3CW searched for a relocation until Jordan Smalls came through making his backyard residence they named the "Lexington Coliseum" available. In summer of 2007, 3CW then moved to what would be their home hosting area the "KWOK", a yard also utilized for alternate federations, SPW and CWA. This led to the emergences of Knuckles, Doc Holiday, K.M Reebo, David Auburn and Raging Ryan Referee, the debut of their mecca of all shows, Wrestlennium, as well as developing feuds. In October, 3CW held their first big show, Descendancy 1.

In summer 2008, the federation was booted from using the "KWOK" arena and ended up in Holiday's backyard the "Ghetto Blaster Funplex" for only two shows before the landlord prohibited it. 3CW eventually settled on the "Revo Arena" which was in actuality, a cemetary, in summer of 2008 through the spring of 2009. At 3CW Wrestlennium 2, the show featured the No DQ Wrestling roster (a federation located in the same town) that initiated a working mutual relationship with No DQ Wrestling treated as a sister promotion with often talent exchanges. On Saturdays, No DQ Wrestlers members worked 3CW shows and on Fridays vice versa at the "No DQ Wrestling Arena". 3CW has also had shows working with 2KW and later Elite Wrestling Association. A fusion came between No DQ Wrestling and 3CW after an intolerance for conflicting feuds and storylines and they became Iconic Wrestling Circuit.

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