ICWS Hardcore Championship

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ICWS Hardcore Championship
Current champion(s) Aston Crude
Date won June 2, 2012
Promotion Inner City Wrestling Syndicate
Date introduced April 23, 2008
Most reigns Killawott Kaos (2)
First champion "Wicked" Nick James
Longest reign Dan Zeplin
Shortest reign Nick James

The ICWS Hardcore Championship is a backyard wrestling championship in Inner City Wrestling Syndicate (ICWS). It is recognized for being the second highest-ranked title in the federation and solely known as the ICWS Hardcore Championship.


The ICWS Hardcore Championship was introduced with "Wicked" Nick James, then known as Painstaken becoming the inaugural champion on April 23rd, 2008 at ICWS Uprising, defeating Chadyo.

Championship holders

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The current champion is Aston Crude, who is in his first reign. He won the title by defeating Dark Ice in a singles match at the Z Arena on June 2, 2012 at ICWS Radical Movement in Bassendean, Western Australia. Throughout 5 years of ICWS, there have been 11 different champions. "Wicked" Nick James, then known as Painstaken, began as the inaugural champion on April 23, 2008 during the event ICWS Uprising. Dan Zeplin has reigned with the championship for the longest period of time for 11 months and "Wicked" Nick James holds the shortest reign at losing it minutes after he won it. Dark Ice and Killawott Kaos at one stage held the championship at the same time, being the only time anyone has been a co-holder of a singles championship in ICWS history. Killawott Kaos has the most reigns at 2.

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