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Acronym HGEW
Established June 2008
Management Feature Shock Entertainment
Style Mixed Wrestling
Wrestling base Ground
Location Inverness
External links YouTube Channel

HGEW, was a 'Pro-Backyard' wrestling federation based in Inverness, created in 2008 by Table2Box Productions.



HGEW started up in 2008 for a laugh with a bunch of friends having fun on a trampoline. They began filming matches and putting them on one of one of their friends' channel, but he would go on to leave the company and took all the videos with him. HGEW opened a channel in February 2010, but due to roster dropouts, HGEW went into an indefinite hiatus.

HGEW announced official closure in October 2010 after being bought over by The Empire and more details are expected to be uncovered on TBW - Full Force.

Current Champions

Championships Final Champion Date Won Event
HGEW World Heavyweight Championship Alex Cruize 24th February 2010 HGEW: Final Show
HGEW Internet Championship President Payne 22nd September 2008 HGEW: Sidelines
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