High Definition Wrestling

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High Definition Wrestling
Acronym HD Wrestling
Established 2006
Creator(s) Jackson Brandon & Shawn Hart
Style Backyard Wrestling
Wrestling base Trampoline
Location White Bluff Tennessee
External links HDW Website
HD Wrestling on YouTube

High Definition Wrestling is a Backyard Wrestling Federation located in White Bluff Tennessee. HD Wrestling is one of a few backyard wrestling federations around the world to use a valuable set up for its show like Projectors,Announce Tables,Lights,HD Cameras, and HD Editing software for the episodes.


History of HD Wrestling

HD Wrestling was not the original name of the federation. AWF was the name of the federation from its debut YouTube show in 2008 all the way to its final show under the "AWF" name in 2011. AWF had wrestlers like Triple X, Logan The Deadman, Kyle, Tanner Mysterio, Cody, Stepehen, Dylan, The Masked Killer,Shawn Hart, Sydney and a few more people. When The owner of AWF (Jackson Brandon) moved to a different house in 2010, half of his roster was gone due to the move so the 2010 season was canceled. Jackson used that season to find new wrestlers that can join AWF and found a few to start the 2011 Season. The 2011 Season consisted of Triple X (Renamed to Jackson Brandon), Logan the Deadman (Renamed to Blake Bryan), Tanner Mysterio (Renamed to Lo-Fly), and new wrestlers like Hunter Scott, Undead, Blackjak, Apocalypse,Z-Fly, and C-Dub The Risk Taker joined for the 2011 Season. After its last "AWF Summer" show, the federation was renamed to HD Wrestling to honor the production values or the shows. The 2012 Season will consist of everyone from the 2011 season, but with a few more wrestlers.

AWF/HD Wrestling Championship Holders

The only title to ever be in AWF/HD Wrestling was the AWF Championship (Renamed to HD Championship following the name change) so here is all the wrestlers who have held the title

  • Tanner Mysterio - April 2009
  • Stephen - November 2009
  • Triple X - December 2009
  • Logan The Deadman - December 2009
  • Jackson Brandon - May 2011
  • Lo-Fly - June 2011
  • Hunter Scott - June 2011 (Known as the final AWF Champion)
  • Blake Bryan - September 2011 (Known as the first HD Champion)
  • Jackson Brandon - November 2011 (Held the title for 20 Seconds)
  • Undead - November 2011 (Used Championship in the case on Jackson)

HD Wrestling Current Roster

  • Jackson Brandon - Owner of HD Wrestling
  • Shawn Hart - Co-Owner of HD Wrestling
  • Blake Bryan
  • Undead
  • Hunter Scott
  • Lo-Fly
  • Z-Fly
  • Alex
  • C-Dub The Risk-taker
  • Apocalypse
  • El Rio

Interact With HD Wrestling

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