Global Underground Wrestling

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Global Underground Wrestling
Acronym GUW
Founded 2008
Based In Tampa, Florida
Formerly Named Real Xtreme Wrestling (RXW)
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Global Underground Wrestling (GUW) is a wrestling federation based in Tampa, Florida. As of November 29, 2010 GUW is listed as an inactive federation.



During its original run, GUW was hosted out of the Cheer Tampa Gym. The management of the building, along with lack of resources, would not allow for GUW to use a traditional wrestling ring. This led to the use of Greco-Roman styled wrestling mats, accentuated by a tumbling barrel used as a turnbuckle for aerial maneuvers.

This naturally led to an emphasis in shoot-styled mat wrestling, as well as superior crusierweight-styled action, since the majority of the GUW roster weighed in less than 240 pounds. Also, since the gym was home to younger cheerleading students, the use of weapons was highly limited. Traditional wrestling weapons (folding chairs, tables, etc.) were reserved for the Monthly Live Events GUW produced.

The style of action produced by GUW was indeed unique and entertaining. While seemingly limited in the actions GUW could produce for their shows, the outcome was a more athletically-oriented show, lined out with inventive storylines between the GUW Wrestlers.

Shortly after the third Monthly Live Show, GUW Shock Therapy, Cheer Tampa Gym's management decided to no longer accommodate GUW. From that point onward, GUW attempted to continue in Clearwater, Florida at the ring set of ACW. This arrangement dissolved shortly thereafter.

GUW Wrestler Jon Juris stated on November 29, 2010 that GUW would be deactivated on the GBYWN Forums.


GUW Wrestlers

"The Majesty" Jon Juris
"Mr. Trifecta" Chris Rise
"New Age" David Daniels
Ben "The Kidd" Chambers
Alex Evans
"The Irresistible Force" Xavior Caine
Axal Hamilton
Night Train
Nathan Lima
"The Newbreed" Brian Willams
Vince Catroneo

GUW Officials

Giovanni Camillo - GUW Owner
Joey Paris - GUW Senior Referee
Kevin Clark - GUW General Manager & Play-By-Play
Jeff Davis - Lead Color Commentator & GUW Alumnus
Angel Viera - Color Commentator & Interviewer
Scott Mongo - Offscreen Play-By-Play
Tyler Blake - Offscreen Color Commentator


Global Underground Wrestling promoted two championships: The GUW World Heavyweight Championship (sometimes shortened to the GUW Heavyweight Championship or the GUW Championship) and the GUW North American Championship.

The first GUW Championship was determined in a Triple Threat 30-Minute Iron Man Match between Jon Juris, David Daniels and Alex Evans on the first episode of "GUW Friday Night Inferno". The grueling match ended with "The Majesty" being crowned the first GUW Champion.

The first GUW North American Championship was determined in an 8-man tournament which concluded at "GUW Shock Therapy" between Axal Hamilton and "Mr. Trifecta" Chris Rise. Despite Rise's attempts to derail him, Axal Hamilton emerged victorious and became the first GUW North American Champion.

As of November 29, 2010, the officially recognized GUW Champion & GUW North American Champion are Xavier Caine and Chris Rise, respectively.


Friday Night Inferno

GUW would produce a weekly show exclusively on called "GUW Friday Night Inferno". The matches on Inferno would naturally carry grudges and rivalries between the GUW Wrestlers through to each Monthly Live Events. Friday Night Inferno did not usually entertain a live audience during filming.

Monthly Live Events

GUW originally slated twelve Monthly Live Events. A live audience was admitted into the Cheer Tampa Gym. However, the loss of the Cheer Tampa Gym as their main venue led to GUW only producing its first three in 2009. The Monthly Shows are:
GUW Redemption
GUW Defiance
GUW Shock Therapy
GUW And Justice For All
GUW Quarantine
GUW Purgatory
GUW Hell Bound
GUW Revelations
GUW Assailment
GUW Odyessy
GUW Final Frontier
GUW Wrestlelution

Future Shows

There has been speculation throughout the Global BackYard Wrestling Network (GBYWN) about a resurgence to Global Underground Wrestling. There has been no confirmation as of yet to whether or not GUW will return.

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