Global Backyard Wrestling Alliance

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Global Backyard Wrestling Alliance
Acronym GBYWA
Established November 25, 2009
Creators Rad Hazard & Cam
Board of Directors The BOD consists of all empowered officials (Commissioner/General Manager/etc) within the federations of the alliance
Formerly Global Backyard Wrestling Nation
Advertising [1]
Inducted Federations Freelance Wrestling Alliance
Jersey Wrestling All-Stars
Suicidal Wrestling Clash
Collision Championship Wrestling
Candlewood Backyard Wrestling
Elite Wrestling Association
Oakdale Wrestling Federation
Anything Goes Wrestling
War Zone Wrestling
Non Stop Wrestling
Iconic Wrestling Circuit
Altitude Backyard Wrestling
Red Star Wrestling
Southern Championship Wrestling
Bethlehem Xtreme Wrestling
Adrenaline Wrestling Foundation
Extreme Wrestling Showdown
Total Wrestling Fanatics
Backyard Kamikaze Wrestling
Justified Revolution Wrestling
New Total Destruction Wrestling
Head Bangers Brawl
Universal Championship Wrestling
Renegade Wrestling Alliance
Defunct federations Ronus Championship Wrestling
Lewiston Wrestling Federation
Alpha Semi Pro Wrestling
Bridgeview Wrestling Association
Backyard Wrestling Entertainment
Indiana Championship Wrestling
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Global Backyard Wrestling Alliance (GBYWA) is a globally outreaching backyard wrestling alliance & social community created by Rad Hazard & Cam in 2009.



Before the Alliance

In the summer of 2008, The Shooter entered a promo into the GBYWN 2008 promo challenge, declaring himself the very first GBYWN World Heavyweight Champion, a claim that was soon sanctioned by GBYWN forum owner Cam, effectively creating the first championship in the alliance (GBYWN would not officially declare itself an alliance until late 2008-early 2008 when more titles were sanctioned. On December 7, 2009, Battle Born Wrestling was formed by Rad Hazard, a known internet personality from his web show [[Backyard Wrestlign Weekly] , beginning another major backyard wrestling alliance for the community to choose from. Over the course of 2009, GBYWN acted as a mainstream BYW alliance while BBW showcased lesser known federations and talent. This would continue until the federations began to jump ship & join both alliances in order to reach maximum exposure, initiating the idea to shut both alliances down and start anew, utilizing the entire community under one unified banner.

Global Backyard Wrestling Nation (2009-2011)

GBYWN, had from the community aspect, established themselves as a global alliance and as did the territorial outstretched Battle Born Wrestling body of federations which Chairman Rad Hazard operated. In November 2009, after a conception had been within talks between Cam and Hazard (Hazard initially started the negotiations in October), Hazard exclusively broke the news on the first episode of his reincarnated Backyard Wrestling Weekly series that both alliances would go defunct in order to create a new alliance, also known as the GBYWN (GBYWNation)in order to keep the change simple for it's followers. As a result, a new alliance was made with Cam as president and Rad Hazard as chairman.

Federations soon began being inducting into the GBYWNation alliance on Backyard Wrestling Weekly. Over a course of episodes for the first time ever, the GBYWN End Year Awards (2009) was featured in a media presentation. The forum itself was converted to the new name only shortly, however, as Cam reverted the community back to "Global Backyard Wrestling News" based partly on Hazard himself wanting the alliance differentiated from the community as well as Cam's decision. As a result, it was made that "Global Backyard Wrestling Nation" refer to the alliance side of the agreement.

By late 2010, Hazard had effectively established himself as the "Chairman of the Board of Directors" of the GBYWNation federation alliance which reached lengths in causing some confusion between the two GBYWN's (the alliance and the forum). Rad sanctioned over 30 GBYWN championships across the Nation, and while a wildly fun idea in theory, became a hindrance abroad as many titles lacked in defenses and overall prestige in the eye of it's followers. Cam was unaware of these changes as he had taken a brief hiatus from which, upon his return, disapproved of. When negotiations were brought to a deadlock between the President & Chairman, both parties agreed to once again utilize two alliances with Cam reactivating the GBYWNews brand while Rad continued his GBYWNation brand under a new name, the Global Backyard Wrestling Alliance (GBYWA), in order to differentiate the brand's initials from one another.

Global Backyard Wrestling Alliance (20011-present)

When negotiations were brought to a deadlock between the President & Chairman, both parties agreed to once again utilize two alliances with Cam reactivating the GBYWNews brand while Rad continued his GBYWNation brand under a new name, the Global Backyard Wrestling Alliance (GBYWA), in order to differentiate the brand's initials from one another. Hazard would also begin to recognize a completely different map of regions and in order to differentiate the titles both alliance's sanctioned. Both alliances recognize the same past lineage in their championship up until this point where the titles utilized by both entities were split in two. These changes were officially recognized on January 1st, 2011 & were presented in full in the first 2011 episode of Backyard Wrestling Weekly.

GBYWNation Inducted Alliance

The Global Backyard Wrestling Nation logo.

The GBYWA as operated by Rad Hazard. Federations are inducted on webcast Backyard Wrestling Weekly which allows a federation to be frequently featured on the show.

Hall of Fame

  • Class of 2009
  • Tek - Inducted December 2009


  • Any territorial championship is required to be defended and contested in not only the federation the holder wrestles for, but also in other federations in the geographical territory of regions the title is bound to. National and world championships are not expected or required to be defended or contested in full capacity of its boundaries but are still the top championships that represent the alliance.
Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
World Championships
GBYWA World Championship
Robby Roberts
June 18, 2010
TWC: Wrestlefezt X
BBW World Championship
Mike Damage
BXW Event
GBYWA World Tag Team Championship
Day One (Sic Ric & Bsnow)
October 30, 2010
REVIVAL Just Another Supershow 666
GBYWN X-Division Championship
Chris Tiffer
June 27, 2010
BWA 5th Anniversary: Supercard of Destiny
GBYWA World Hardcore Championship
N/A 2010
GBYWA World Pure Championship
N/A 2010
GBYWA World Strong Style Championship
Sic Ric
January 2010
CBYW Just Another Supershow 4
National Championships
GBYWA United States Championship
The Pen Name
October 25, 2009
ICW Mid-West Extravaganza : Day 2
GBYWA United States Tag Team Championship
TBD at NOW Event
GBYWA United States Hardcore Championship
HBB Event
GBYWA United States X-Division Championship
Max Vender
GBYWA United Kingdom Championship
Ryan Harris
AGW Event
GBYWA Australian Championship
Dan Zeplin
ICWS Event
Western Championships
GBYWA Western Championship
Robb Haize
OWF Event
GBYWA Western Tag Team Championship
Bump or Die (Steven Fain & Robb Haize)
OWF Event
GBYWA Western Hardcore Championship
OWF Event
Midwestern Championships
GBYWA Midwestern Championship
CJ Smith
December 31, 2010
CCW Apocalypse III
GBYWA Midwestern X-Division Championship
ICW Mid-West Extravaganza 2
GBYWA Midwestern Internet Championship
Chris Breakdown
BWA The Final Goodbye
Northeastern Championships
GBYWA Northeastern Championship
GBYWA Northeastern Tag Team Championship
R2D2 (Daniel Divine & Ryan Ragnarok)
EWA Event
GBYWA Northeastern X-Division Championship
Kris Fenix
TWF Event
Southern Championships
GBYWA Southern Championship
TKO Event
GBYWA Southern Tag Team Championship
The Power Trip (Joshua Chilton & Sean Van)
GBYWA Southern X-Division Championship
Christian Storm
TKO Event

Defunct championships

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