GBYWN Spring Challenge 2009

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The GBYWN Spring Challenge 2009 was an annual backyard wrestling community contest presented by Global Backyard Wrestling News (GBYWN). It was featured as the second annual contest of the community. Federations of the community were given up to three months until the deadline of originally June 1, 2009 to submit all match entries, however, the contest deadline closed on June 5.



Rules and Regulations

The concept behind the competitive feature is that participants record and submit one or two matches of any kind that must be full-length, which will be judged by special personnel or moderators of the community known as "Big Bros" upon review based on varying factors such as wrestling ability, psychology, match flow, and overall entertainment value. The best entry upon decision wins the contest.



Top 5

  • Global Underground Wrestling (GUW) (# 2)
  • ETTW (# 3)
  • ACW Spain (# 4)
  • Lewiston Wrestling Federation (LWF) (# 5)


General response out the outcome of the GBYWN Spring Challenge 2009 were not to the expectations of some of the members within. A very few feel the results were not precisely accurate while others claimed it was a good turnout and anticipates next year's contest. GBYWN Owner Cam seems pleasantly pleased himself with how results came out to be, thanking Big Brother Absolute Jake (aka Jake Xinn) for his predominant overall evauluation.

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