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Ring name G-Fatal
Height 5'10
Weight 165 lbs.
Born August 10, 1993 (age 15)
New Jersey
Resides New Jersey
Debut 2007

G-Fatal (Jee-Fay-Tul) is a phenomenal American backyard wrestler who is currently mainly involved in a Jersey based fed called ECBW(East Coast Backyard Wrestling). He is also just beginning in one of backyard wrestling's more popular federations called ETTW (Extreme Technical Trampoline wrestling). He is currently one half of ECBW's Tag Team champions.

Overall, G-fatal is a very aggresive individual whether it be in a ring, on a base or on a trampoline. His outstanding high flying abilities, backed up by fierce technical prowess serve to be quite the combination, for he has recently captured the ECBW Money in the Bank. (As of May 2009). He is also familiar with championship gold, holding the ECBW Tag Team Championships, The UWC Championship, The UWC Cruiserweight Championship, and the UWC Tag team Championships.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

In the ealry year 2000, UWC (Underground Wrestling Circuit) was founded by two backyard wrestlers. It never became anything due to a lack of a camera, however, It had been around for 7 years when the compant had been handed down to a man known as "Simpson" at the time. In December of 2007, G-Fatal made hie online debut under the ring name "Maximillianz." G-Fatal had been wrestling before this debut, however now is where he first began to gain experience as a cruiserweight wrestler. He RAPIDLY began to show excellent improvement in his cruiserweught abilities and seemed to sweep critics off their feet with his outstanding performance. In June of 2008, UWC made a Gimmick change, and every wrestler changed. Maximillianz became G-Fatal and the name has stuck. When Feb 2009 approached, UWC had a huge breakthrough, and merged with multiple companies. JSW (Jersey Shore Wrestling), XBW (Xtreme Beachwood Wrestling) and HBB (Head Bangers Brawl). All of these feds combined created ECBW.

Underground Wrestling Circuit (Pre Gimmick Change) (Dec 2007-June 2008)

In Dec 2007, G-Fatal made his Trampoline Debut as Maximillianz against renowned UWC veteran Brett Dunn. This is G-Fatal's first recognizeable online match. UWC was a very disorganized fed until about March, when matches began to have plots and storylines began to develop. In March of 2008 Maximillianz won his first title, the UWC Cruiserweight title. He was the only person to ever hold this title, he had defended it only twice, and won it in a cruiserweight triple threat match.

When the end of May began to approach, G-Fatal (still Maximillianz) decided to make an attire change which would stick with him until the present time. He versed Brett Dunn in his final UWC match as Maximillianz, but sadly being defeated at the hands of Brett Dunn, via Fisherman Brainbuster.

Underground wrestling Circuit (After Gimmick Change) (Jun 2008-Feb 2009)

The First "New" uwc match to occur was between G-fatal and Strife "Fatal Warfare" and Hazard and Fury (The New Generation). With the Gimmick change, they had totally reinvented their movesets, changed from heels to faces or vice versa and expanded their horizons of potential for becoming a great byw federation. G-Fatal won his first and only UWC title reign on August 17, 2008. By defeating Mike Madness in a UWC Title match. This is shortly after F-Fatal recovered from an awful arm injury in a match with Hazard and Mike Madness. After obtaining UWC gold, G-Fatal would not part with it. He held the UWC title for a whopping three months, making his title reign the longest in UWC history. He then lost his title to a wrestler named Daemaen Vesago (Brett Dunn) in a Tied By Sin match. Daemaen had held this title all the way through to the merge of federations.

East Coast Backyard Wrestling (Feb 2009- Present)

After meeting with a wrestler named Ryan Ragnarok, UWC hastily merged with JSW, XBW, and HBB, to form an immense federation known as ECBW with more than 20 members of the roster. ECBW was now officially a base fed. G-Fatal, still itching for gold, challenged Ryan Ragnarok to a match for his Extreme Division Championship. After an Outstanding match, G-Fatal came up just a little short after feeling the ever so painful lungblower. Since that match G-Fatal had competed in a Triple threat Match for the UWC Backyard Division title and lost. At ECBW's first event, "Metamorphosis" Ryan Ragnarok had defeated Strife in a hardcore match, where he unified the UWC, Backyard, and JSW Extreme Division Championships making the ECBW championship. Since last holding the UWC title G-Fatal had only obtained the ECBW tag title by winning a gauntlet that would decide Strifes tag team partner/Champion. Since then, he has won the ECBW Money in the Bank and has yet to cash it in as of June 2009.

Main Feud with Strife

During G-Fatal's title reign as UWC champion, he had encountered some difficulties with his long time friend and Tag team partner Strife. Being udefeated in normal tag matches, Fatal Warfare was the most dominant tag team in UWC history. Fatal Warfare had lost a single match to JWX and Hazard on a fluke victory, which caused G-Fatal and strife to get in a fierce argument. This intense, emotional feud lasted for a few weeks until it came to a head in a fierce Grudge match for the UWC title. After a long and grueling match, G-Fatal came out on top, defending his UWC title.

Main Feud With Ryan Ragnarok

Upon first Entry of ECBW, G-Fatal met a man named Ryan Ragnarok. Their intense rivalry began in February 2009 in a JSW extreme division Championship match. With G-Fatal losing this match, he could not live it down. G-Fatal proceeded to attack Ryan in recurring weeks whether it be in a match or an unexpected attack. G-Fatal then began to mask himself and attack Ryan under the bidding of The Assassin who Ryan had injured. Ryan and G-Fatal shared a corner in many a tag matches that were forced upon by the GM in which they were quite dysfunctional. Pent up emotions climaxed at ECBW's second major PPV "Boiling Point." G-Fatal had an epic match with Ryan ragnarok in an 8 sided ring in a TLC match, where the title was suspended above the entrance stage. Weapons were used to mailiciously tear eachother apart until once again, G-fatal came up short of reaching for championship gold.

Second Feud With Strife

After once again rejoining Strife to be the Tag Cahmpions once more, Fatal and Strife worked very well together like they used to. However, in the Jersey shore Showdown event for the Money in the Bank, G-Fatal was pitted against an injured Strife. With the obvious upper hand, G-Fatal picked up the win. Strife, angry over his loss, spat arrogant words in the faqce of the prideful G-Fatal. Fatal instantly retaliated with his true feelings toward Strife and let him know that Fatal never like dstrife from day one and that he knew that at some point Strife's ego would eat him alive. Strife, also becoming defensive yelled back in Fatal's face causing extreme tension between the two. Every match that Strife had been involved in after this argument, G-Fatal had interfered with his Briefcase and struck Strife about the head with it. These recurring interferences are still occuring as of now and this feud has yet to come to a head.

In Wrestling

G-Fatal nails The Fatality on Strife.
G-Fatal executing his 720 Dropkick on Matt Demorest.
  • Finishing and signature moves
    • The Fatality (360 Unprettier)
    • Lethalizer (Spiral Tap)
    • Jersey Destroyer (Yoshi Tonic)
    • Fatal Flaw (Inverted Overdrive)
    • Sit Down Neckbreaker
    • 720 Dropkick
    • Muta Lock
    • Stalling Star Press
    • Complete Shot
    • Sharpshooter
    • Double Cobra Clutch Double Foot stomp
    • Catatonic Backbreaker

Championships and accomplishments

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