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Extreme Wrestling Federation (EWF) is a backyard wrestling federation.



Extreme Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

On October 28th 2007 while hanging out and doing pretty much nothing Mark and Paul decided to film a wrestling match in the basement of one of their homes with Robert as the cameraman. Mark who added a -o to his name and Paul who left his name how it was had a 20 minute match with Paul going over Mark-o. After the match they decided to start up their very own backyard wrestling federation called "Extreme Wrestling Federation" adding their closet friends Ryan, Spenny, Eric and Jake to name a few.

EWF's first Free Per View called "Warz0ne" featured the main event Spenny vs Cobra to determine the 1st ever EWF World Heavyweight Champion. The match was won by Cobra who went on to have a 4 month reign before the title became vacant for the first time

Canadian Trampoline Wrestling (2008-2010)

A year after EWF was made the guys found out about Empire Wrestling Federation and quickly changed the name to Canadian Trampoline Wrestling. The first champion was decided by the poll "MVP of 2007" the fans choose Mark-o as the MVP of 2007 thus giving him the CTW World F'N Championship he was soon defeated by runner up Cobra who won the title at CTW No Limits but vacating it due to behind the scenes controversy. A new champion was then crowned when Spenny defeated Tyler to win the championship but later quitting CTW thus forfeiting the championship to #1 contender The Reaper who held the title for 11 months making him the longest reigning champion in CTW history. The Reaper lost the championship to Paul which was paul's last chance at the title it was originally suppose to be a triple threat but The Reaper took Mark-o out of action for half a year+. After a long and unexpected break CTW returned with no limits in 2009 the main event featured a rematch for the CTW Title Paul hit the Nightmare Slam on Reaper after mark-o's music played and distracted him. After the match Mark-o came out and beat the hell out of the Reaper. In mid july before defending the title in a triple threat at summer bash Paul defended the title against Sky Guy, they had a long epic battle with sky guy winning the championship but paul getting a quick rematch and rolling up sky guy to become a 2x champion. At summer bash it was going to be a triple threat until paul and mark-o took out the reaper for revenge of last time. Mark-o and Paul had an epic 40 minute match with Mark-o winning the championship after 18 months via his finishing move The Wave of the Future. Once again tragedy struck when wrestlers stopped showing up thus forcing another unexpected break when they finally came back it was found out that Money In The Bank winner T-roy cashed in on mark-o in october of 2009 at October Fest. 2010 started with Mark-o "cashing in" his rematch but losing and then granted another match but T-roy no showed the event forcing general manager kyle fisher to pick and opponent for mark, he choose The Reaper which restarted the rivalry between them two.

Return of the Extreme Wrestling Federation (2010)

During the production of CTW Summer Bash 2010 it was decided that CTW would come to and end which was thought to be the end of Backyard Wrestling for them but a few months ago it was announced that Extreme Wrestling Federation would be coming back!.

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