Extreme Championship Wrestling

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Extreme Championship Wrestling
Acronym ECW
Established 2010-present
rebirther Antonio "the son of Extreme" Matute
Style Hardcore wrestling Entertainment
Extreme wrestling
lucha libre
Format Backyard wrestling
related shows ECW Hardcore wrestling
ECW Hardcore revolution
Parent World Wide Xtreme Wrestling Federation (Apirl 17, 2010-present)

WWXWF purchase ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling, in july 31, 2010 by Manuel Rivera, WWXWF president, by a matter of cause.


In August 1, 2010, ECW was been rebirth, manuel was out of town when Antonio build the Arena in the backyard. Entrance, ring, cam-video, and more were set up, then Antonio and Alex gaved a show to the neighbors. The WWXWF show was ECW, Alex bacamed the perivous ECW World Heavyweight Champion when antonio won it by pinfall. During Antonio Celebration, A masked wrestler attacked Antonio with a bat, ladder, plywood, and dipping his face in the pool. He suffered a sore armed, pain leg at the left, He didn't reported to his parent's.

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