EAW One Night Stand 2008

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EAW One Night Stand 2008
Promotion Backstream Championship Wrestling
Date May 23, 2008
Venue BCW Arena
Location Alberta, Canada
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EAW One Night Stand
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EAW One Night Stand chronology
EAW One Night Stand
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BCW EAW One Night Stand (or EAW: ONS) was a backyard wrestling monthly show/event produced under BCW or Backstream Championship Wrestling as a tribute show to Extreme Ametuer Wrestling which took place on May 23, 2008 at the BCW Arena in Alberta, Canada. The event feature a 4 man tournament to crown the first ever BCW Triple Crown Champion.


The event featured five official backyard wrestling wrestling matches on the card. Applying to backyard wrestling, where in relationship to professional wrestling, the performers portray heels and faces as matches are booked and scripted in advance with pre-determined outcomes of occurrence and victors.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Danger Dave defeated The Thug Singles match 9:32
2 James Starr defeated StingRay, Blaze, Kai, Zamatros, Ace and Triple J 7 man scramble for the BCW Hardcore Championship 25:11
3 Xero (c) defeated Total Destruction and Sir jacob Triple Threat match for the BCW Cruiserweight Championship 19:51
4 Eric Hinz defeated Adam Young Torture by Chair Match 20:10
5 Crusher defeated The Crippler (c) Singles match for the XWF Ultraviolet Championship 25:56
6 Killer K (c) defeated John Varkin 50th street brawl to retain the BCW International Championship 26:41
7 Zakk Carolina defeated SafeCracker (c) Singles Match for the XWF Heavyweight Championship 28:32
8 Commander D (c) defeated Alex Austin Singles match for the BCW World Championship 29:54
9 Scott Tonsi defeated Ryan Tonsi Singles Match 21:11
10 Commander D defeated Zakk Carolina Champion vs. Champion Match to win the BCW Triple Crown Championship 32:37


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