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EAW/BCW is known for its main storylines.

List of Storylines: Backstream Championship Wrestling


Main event Storylines

Commander D feuds with Killer K

When EAW started up they held a eight man tournament to crown its first world champion. The finals were Commander D and Killer K. Commander D pulled off the win with a diamond cutter to become the first champion. This didn't stop Killer K, they met at the Great Canadian Bash with Commander D retaining his title. They met one more time with Killer K defeating Commander D by count out. Killer K was awarded a rematch at August Thunder but in a triple threat match with the rumble winner Crusher. Killer K used the pants to pin Crusher and win the World title. Commander D challenged Killer K in a rematch but Killer K used an illegal pin to retain the title. A tournament was set up to determine the #1 contender for world title. Commander D won the tournament and in the process he won the EAW Candaian Championship from James Starr in the finals. Killer K tried to interfere but was given a superkick from James Starr for that. They met in a champion vs champion 2 out of 3 falls match. They battled for over 20 minutes and Commander D pulled of thw victory thus ending the first rivalry.

Commander D feuds with Triple X

Triple X remained undefeated in EAW going 11-0 in his time. He began to think that since he is undefeated he should have a title shot. Commander D decided to give him a shot and the two met at End Era 2004 with Commander D snapping the undefeated streak of Triple X. This made Triple X extremely angry. Commander D defnded his title EAW Canadian title against Xander but lost the match. Afterwards Triple X came to the ring and began a beat down of the world champion. Triple X had to be pulled out of the area by other wrestlers. Triple X and Commander D met at EAW Warzone #6 with Triple X winning by count out. He proceeded to lay another beat down of the champ but Commander D was ready hitting him with a chairshot and a RKO for good measure. They met once again at In Your Face: January 2005 and Triple X used a strong game plan by focussing on CDs right arm. The match ended with Triple X the world champion and Commander D sidelined for months.

King feuds with Triple X

Soon after Commander D was sidelined with a broken right arm his good friend King vowed to win the world title for him at any costed. This started what was possibly the greatest storyline ever in the history of EAW. King attacked Triple X letting him know that he wanted his world title. They met in a non-title match and King won with a tombstone piledriver through a table. Triple X responded at the next show by defending his world title and won by hitting the American Destoryer. They met again in a street fight and this was literally a street fight. They took the fight all over town and it ended up at a playground with King hitting a 9/11 from the top of the playgrond to the sandy floor for the win (best moment of 2005). To put a cherry on top they met in a 45 minute Iron man Match for the EAW World title. King narrowly escaped but won 1-0. The feud carried over and it eventually involved K-Stevens. GM Lepps devised the best match for this a "Fans Bring Their Own Weapons Match" and at the Great Canadian Bash 2005 the three wrestlers fought with King giving Triple X a 9/11 through a table of chairs for the win. Triple X even battered and bruised still wanted his world title back (talk about determination). This time Commander D made the match and it would be King versus Triple X and the rumble winner Xander in a 3 man 60 mins Iron Man Match and if Triple X didn't win, he couldn't challenge for the world title as long as King is champion. King won the match 2-1-1 and thus ending the storyline with Triple X

King feuds with the A-Squad (K-stevens and Wilson)

King enjoyed his memorable storyline with Triple X but it was time to move on. K-Stevens recently won the right to face King for the EAW World Championship. King and K-Stevens met on several occasions before the end of 2005 and King won most of the meetings including all three world title matches. King met K-Stevens on January 31st, 2006 and to everyones disbeleif K-Stevens won the world title, after heavy interference from Zane and Wilson. After the match King was beaten to within a inch of his life and wasnt able to have his rematch but that didnt matter K-Stevens was stripped of the title the following night and Commander D defeated him to become world champion. This was a quick storyline and nothing else. King spent the first quarter of 2006 out with a concussion and eventually returned in April challenging Commander D to a world title match stating that he never got his rematch. The two being the best of friends didnt feud at all and in May, King defeated his friend Commander D to win the EAW World Championship for a second time.

Commander D vs. Killer K vs. Alex Austin vs. StingRay

2007 looked to be a good year for the wrestlers of BCW. The first blockbuster match of the year was at April Fools Mayhem. This match was a ladder match for the BCW World Championship and EAW World Championship between Commander D who won the BCW title from Crusher in March looked to do something about the two world title controversy. StingRay won the EAW title from Alex Austin in december. They met at April Fools Mayhem with Commander D winning his fourth EAW World title. Commander D was excited about being a double world champion but only lasted a month. Killer K pinned CD in a parking lot to win the BCW World Title. Killer K saught to take his EAW Title as well but they had to get through Stairway To Glory. Both men retained their respective titles. They met at EAW One Night Stand 2007 with Commander D retaining his title. They met on BCW WarFare in a 2 vs. 4 handicap tag match and won. Theym et for the second time at BCW Resurrection 2007 with Killer Ks BCW World title on the line, Killer K retained. It only seemed fair that with 1 win a piece they meet at The Great Canadian Bash with both titles on the line. Commander D pulled off the victory. During the show StingRay and Alex Austin won the Rumble Match and both were given title shots at August Thunder. Killer K wanted his rematch so it was a Fatal 4 Way with the winner becoming the Undisputed BCW Champion. Tensions were high and at August Thunder Commander D became the first Undisputed Champion after giving Alex Austin a Diamond Cutter.

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