Crazy Stephen

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Stephen Slivey
Ring name Crazy Stephen
Height 5ft 9
Weight 130lbs
Born July 15, 1994
Hometown The Sixth Borough
Debut 2007
Signature Moves Lucid Dreams, The Black Cat Crossing, The Theme From Shaft, The Deadsin
Theme Song "You're Going Down" - Sick Puppies

Crazy Stephen (born July 15, 1994) is a American backyard wrestler in Insanity Backyard Wrestling.


Backyard Wrestling Tenure

"The American Kamikaze" Crazy Stephen, is known for the blood-filled brawls that he has competed in over the past two and a half years of his backyard wrestling career. He is notorious for his high threshold of pain and his willingness to do very dangerous things. His "never-say-die" attitude, and combinations of highspots, technical wrestling, brawling, and the use of weaponry, make him impossible to imitate.


Crazy Stephen debuted in the Summer of 2007, winning the NXA Championship in a 3-Way against Hysteria and Justin Sane. He later worked for multiple promotions.


In 2008, Crazy Stephen continued to work for various promotions. He won the BWS Deathmatch Championship on March 29th, 2009 at BWS "Make Me A Superstar". He held the championship until the promotion went defunct in March of 2009.


2009 was proven to be the defining year of this young man's career as a backyard wrestler. He has accomplished more than he ever has before in 2009. Founding his own promotion, winning the IBW Deathmatch Championship, and making it to the finals of the first annual Insanity Backyard Wrestling King Of The Deathmatch Tournament. Since his first match in IBW, he had his heart set on winning the IBW Deathmatch Championship. After burns, stitches, being impaled by toothpicks, and a nearly broken neck, it all paid off. On September 6th, 2009, he defeated 2 Hardcore Frak for the IBW Deathmatch Championship in a Backwoods Brawl. On October 25th, he competed in the first annual IBW King Of The Deathmatch Tournament. He made it to the finals, with a fractured hand, a gash in his head, and mercury poisoning, he was defeated by his own partner, Juggla. He continued to be on top of IBW for the rest of 2009. He dominated IBW for months along side Bloody Murder, the stable that Crazy Stephen, Tha Juggla, & Abiss formed right before the King Of The Deathmatches.


Crazy Stephen made his return as a singles competitor in January of 2010, where he competed against former rival Hardcore Frak. He was defeated after an aerial attack on Frak backfired, sending him through a board of fish hooks. He made it to the finals of the Crimson Cup Tournament, where he went one on one with Sabbath, and had Sabbath right where he wanted him, layed on the ground after a fluorescent light-tube assisted Black Cat Crossing from a fence. As he had Sabbath put away, right before the count struck three, Chris Carnage interfered, putting Stephen through a very large bundle of fluorescent light-tubes and breaking a pane of glass on his face with a brick.


NXA Champion
BWS Deathmatch Champion
IBW Deathmatch Champion (With more successful title defenses than any other holder at the time).
IBW King Of The Deathmatch Tournament Finalist (2009)
Declared IBW's "Toughest Mother F*cker Around" by former IBW manager Tyler Burke.
IBW Crimson Cup Finalist

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