Consequences Clown

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Consequences Clown
Ring name Consequences Clown
Height 5'6
Weight 110 lbs.
Born Aberdeen, Scotland
Billing 135 lb
Debut 2003

Consequences Clown (Con-suh-quences) is a Scottish Backyard Wrestler based in Aberdeen, Scotland and wrestles for WCW Trampoline Wrestling.

Overall, Clown is very smart and aggressive whether he performs on the trampoline on the grass or in a wrestling ring, Consequences Clown has not yet been able to prove himself to bigger opponents but is well on his way to a larger future in Scottish Wrestling.

Clowns championship success includes being a 1-Time WCW Champion, 6-Time MCW Champion, 3-Time MCW Lightweight Champion, 1-Time EBF Hardcore Champion and a 4-Time EBF Heavyweight Champion.


Backyard Wrestling tenure

Bio Summary

In 2010 Consequences Clown and some other Backyard Wrestlers created World Championship Trampoline Wrestling which he wrestled under his name Consequences Clown having many other names before that he then stuck to 'Consequences Clown' due to the popularity of the character.

EBF (2006-2009)

In 2006 Clown debuted EBF using there single names, Clown who used his single name along with many other Backyarders produced Music Videos which he uploaded to youtube gaining 1000's of views and lots of respect to viewers and the Backyard Wrestling community, Clown first appeared under his real name in a match against Kyle which he won the match becoming the 1st EBF Champion. EBF announced there last match in 5th of June 2009 which was a No Disqualification Match where he was the Last EBF Champion.

World Championship Trampoline Wrestling (2010-Present)

On 17th of May 2010 Clown debuted in WCW Trampoline Wrestling using the wrestling name 'Shadow' where he wrestled in a full black hooded mask and went on in his first match to defeat 'Messioh' with a Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick, on 30th August 2010 an evil clown debuted called Consequences Clown which he claims is his real mind Consequences Clown then went on too have a match against Messioh again which he won, WCW was then out for a year returning on 28th August 2011 where they uploaded Various return promos including (Golden Solar, Messioh and himself) Consequences Clown had a return match against Messiooh which he lost via Messiooh Divider, The first WCW championship match was announced in September 2011 and is yet to take place.

In Wrestling

Consequences Clown and Messioh Shaking Hands At a WCW Event!

Championships and Accomplishments

External Links

Official Channel for World Championship Trampoline Wretling

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