Championship Wrestling Entertainment

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Championship Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym CWE
Established 1996- Present
Owners HSK & Train Wreck
Style Cruiserweight, Tech, and Athletic
Wrestling base Pro Ring
Location Ranson, West Virginia ( Formerly Frederick, MD)
Formerly Championship Wrestling Federation
External links CWE Website

Championship Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) known previously as Championship Wrestling Federation is a wrestling federation formerly based in Frederick, Maryland. Now Located in Ranson, West Virginia


Federation history


A Federation is Born The WCWF Era

The CWE was born on April 16,1996 as the World Championship Wrestling federation(WCWF) by CWE Legends Road Dawg,and HSK. The inaugural WCWF event was known as WCWF Spring-Breakout and was held in a ring which consisted of the ground, four posts, and string for ropes.

The CWF Is Born

One year after the WCWF was born at the second annual Spring-Breakout WCWF President Road Dawg, and Vice President HSK announced that the federation would drop the "W" from the federation name. Thus the CWF as it would be known as for so many years was Born.


Old School Era

This Time frame would see the introduction of CWE Legends Train Wreck(98), and Crow(01). Other long standing wrestlers such as Punisher, The Blaze, Cage, Johnny Baltimore, X-Tisy, and Crippler.

The FCW Invasion

In 2002 the CWF was invaded by a defunct rival federation Called Frederick Championship Wrestling(FCW). The Invasion began in August 2001 when CWF Wrestlers HSK, Crippler, and Train Wreck made an appearance at FCW Blackout. This show was to be the last Show for FCW before it was to be absorbed into the CWF and disappear. At this show HSK Put his CWF US title on the line in a ladder match against FCW Champion Crow. In the End HSK was victorious and went on to state that " This is why your fed is going under. " This didn't sit well with many of the FCW faithful, and would be the seed from which the FCW invasion would come grow. In may of 2002 the Invasion began.


The Second Coming

In the aftermath of the FCW invasion the CWF would acquire a much larger roster, and allow for the federation to grow. In the Fall of 2002 HSK & Crow would be featured in the November 24th article of What The Were Thinking in The New York Times. 2003 would see the CWF make a change from wrestling on the ground to wrestling on a wrestling mat. Later on in 03 the CWF would make another change, and move onto a trampoline.

The BCW Invasion

Shortly after CWF CHAOS VII in 2004 the CWF was invaded once again by another defunct rival wrestling federation called Brunswick Championship Wrestling(BCW). This invasion would introduce Criss Cameron & aXe into the CWF. Originally claiming that they were freelancers looking for a place to wrestle Criss Cameron and aXe would soon show their true colors, and begin tearing apart CWF Talent. In a short time they managed to recruit old BCW Wrestlers such as Hammer& Madd Dogg who were already in the CWF to try and destroy it. These attempts would fail however at CWF Spring-Breakout when aXe turned on Criss Cameron after his match with Crow. This would lead to one of the biggest rivalry's in CWF history.

The Invasion of XBW

The Invasion of XBW actually did not begin in March of 2004 like many are lead to believe. The Invasion actually started in November of 2003 when two of XBW's top name superstars Chris Phoenix, and Ryan Stevens came to CWF Head to Head. The two XBW stars were scheduled to face off in a singles match against one another. HSK unaware of this booking decided it would be best for him to ref this match to make sure XBW wasn't planning on doing anything out of the ordinary. At the end of the match Chris Phoenix accidentally blind sided HSK with a clothesline when Ryan Stevens ducked out of the way. Seeing this as an act of aggression against him HSK retaliated and caused Phoenix to loose the match. Later on that night Phoenix would return the Favor by assaulting HSK after defending the CWF Championship. In March of 2004 the CWF took their wrestlers on the road to XBW in Memory of. Seeing this as the perfect time to repay XBW for humiliating him on his own Show, HSK led Team CWF in a war games match. After a long and hard fight Team CWF Got the Win, and HSK got the redemption he was looking for. However in the weeks that followed Chris Phoenix would go onto mock HSK and the CWF in order to try and bring them back into XBW. So the CWF once again made an appearance on XBW Revolution. Though there wasn't much inter promotional wrestling Chris Phoenix found another way to get back at HSK by interfering in his match with Madd Dog, and costing him a chance to regain the CWF title. XBW wouldn't be seen in the CWF again until CWF Chaos X in 2007.


In 2004 the CWF made yet another wrestling base move. They moved from wrestling on the trampoline to wrestling in a pro ring. The CWF has yet to wrestle on anything else since.

The XRW Incident

After CWF Random Wars in 2004 the CWF was tossed into a state of chaos. Factions from the former feds of FCW and BCW started to rise and tear the CWF apart. They would also soon find allies within another promotion called AOW. As A result all these wrestlers succeeded from the CWF to start their very own promotion called Xtreme Revolution Wrestling(XRW). This move would devastate the CWF and bring it to it's knees. Having no other option the CWF found itself now as a defunct faction within another wrestling promotion. This however would all change when the FCW and BCW wrestlers started to fight each other. Taking this key opportunity HSK & Train Wreck found themselves able to push out the original rebels, and bring balance back to the CWF.


The Return

After the fall of XRW HSK & Train Wreck would rebuild the CWF and bring it to new heights.

The CWE is Born

After many months of deliberation the CWF owners HSK & Train Wreck decided that the best interests in the federation is to take the federation, all of it's evolution, and turn it into something more. So on January 1st 2009 Championship Wrestling Entertainment was born. This new era is set to start in May 16, 2009 with the 12th consecutive CWE Chaos Event.

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