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Ryan Harris
Ring name Buck Buckworth
Height 5ft 9
Weight 220lbs
Born October 30, 1976
Resides Buckworth County, England
Debut In Ancient History


Backyard Wrestling Tenure

Buck Buckworth is probably one of the oldest backyard wrestlers around today. He was born in 1976 and had sporadic backyard matche his whole life. In 2006 he began training the XHW roster how to backyard wrestle. XHW was a promotion that promoted a bizzarre mix of hardcore and comedy. The promotion at the time was getting popular via myspace and by May 2006 relaunched itself as CWE Conflict Wrestling Entertainment. The largest regular large crowd drawing backyard fed in UK history.


Buck Buckworth was the last ever XHW champion defeating his student at the time Rusheed Patel. Due to this he crowned himself the first ever CWE champion. At the first ever live show Buck Buckworth successfully defended the championship against Rusheed, leaving the fans with a slight bitter taste in there mouth. At the next live show one month later Buck retained the title against Big Mac but after the match was jumped by Rusheed Patel when Buck start assaulting his valet Sky. Rusheed challenged Buck to a ladder match at stairway to heaven which took place in late june 2006. Buck lost the title to Rusheed on that night and the fans swarmed the ring to celebrate with there new champion Rusheed.

July 2006 Buck commentated for the live backyard fed ORW. Buck picked up some serious heat later leading to the CWE boys interfering in the show leading to a massive 20 man brawl. ORW then declared war on ORW wit Buck Leading the charge. Buck also done live commentary at ORWs september show leading to more heat.

Later that month Buck lead his CWE team against ORW in an 8 man tag team elimination match, live at the CWE arena. Buckworth was the only surviving man in this match giving team CWE the win.

October 2006 Buckworth got his rematch against Rusheed Patel for the CWE title in a three stages of hell match. Buck lost this match and had his head shaved bald to the delight of the live fans.


Buck disapeared for a while after that then Reemerged as a face in February 2007 challenging the heel champion Parliament to the CWE title. Buckworth was once again unsuccessful.

In March 2007 Buckworth was defeated by the Beast.

At CWEs first pro ring show in April 2007 Buck Buckworth defeated James the Pitbull Tyler.

May 2007 at the CWE anniversary show Buckworth defeated David Dream. Afterwards he was assaulted by the dream team and didnt emerge again until October of that year.

Buckworth competed in the quarter finals of a CWE tournament against his old foe Rusheed Patel. Buckworth once again made a heel turn and lost yet again to Rusheed.

At CWE Raise the Bar in November CWEs first pay gate show Buckworth competed in a battle Royal.


In 2008 Buckworth went from CWE wrestler to a run as CWE Referee.


In May 2009 Buckworth debuted in Anything Goes Wrestling, AGW. A More traditional backyard fed. He lost to Ryan Harris in his debut. Bucks has returned with a more perverted sinister gimmick.


CWE Champion

AGW Champion (1 time, current)

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