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Acronym BFN
Establishment 2007-2010
Creator(s) Chris Cryptic and Jonathan Brovata
Key People Chris Johnston (Co-owner)
Jonathan Brovata (Co-owner)
Andrew Cunneen (Site designer)
Type of site Website
Advertising Wikipedia
Federations under banner 100+
Current status Closed
External links BFN Website (BFN) was a social, media-sharing backyard wrestling online community created by Chris Cryptic and Jonathan Brovata in July 2007. The website rose to some short term prominence between 2007 and 2008 and engaged in a rivalry with GBYWN. BFN was one of, if not, the most advanced and high profile online community for backyard wrestling. In 2010, the site was closed after a malfunction error deteriorated the activity of the site.




In July 2007, Chris Cryptic and Jonathan Brovata of the Australian-based IYHWA opened an advanced backyard wrestling community called (BFN) which was programmed by Brovata. The formation was due to dissatisfaction among Australian wrestlers with the backyard wrestling community and the lack of consideration of the Australian circuit leading to the site being purposed to epitomize the nation’s offering of backyard wrestling.

Featured on the exact web address of, the site was professionally designed and slightly similar to social network Myspace, allowing federations that join the user-generated privilege of posting photos, videos, and the ability to frequently update their own information on their own time to their profiles on the site. The videos posted were music videos because according to Jake Xinn in poking fun at Brovata, “he didn’t want to watch a 20 minute match”.

Short Term Success

Not long after, BFN soared in visiting numbers with even federations outside Australia getting signed up attributed much to their exceptional resources, though for factual purposes, Backyard Wrestling Link was a leading site with notoriety. Eventually around this time, another website that was rising in the ranks since 2006 known as Global Backyard Wrestling News (GBYWN) started its official forum in 2008. The President of the site, Cam, was quick to boldly call Cryptic out on a community rivalry which Cryptic seemingly took frivolously.

Instantly, BFN was in visiting numbers competition with GBYWN, which initially struggled with attaining membership. However, BFN was faced with lit competition when one of their counterpart’s members, “The Cheese Kid” Steven Alvarez pitched his agenda to create a GBYWN video game. Opportunistically, Cam advertised that the game would only be exclusive to forum members. As a result, the competition blew up with new members fond of being featured in a backyard wrestling video game and while so, BFN gossiped about their competitor on their main page including their “GBYWN Dollars” concept that the community was running at the time.


The downfall of the website began when Brovata commenced to no-show his programming duties as well as the registration code for new members to join was broken with no one able to fix it. Thereafter, the site was left with its original Australian members while its other members and potential members were heading off elsewhere. With very diminutive activity and updates, BFN crumbled and unfortunately around the summer of 2010, the site was closed.

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