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A2K is a British Backyard wrestler, currently working for Equality Federation 3CWE, he has the distinction of being the only Backyard wrestler with a mental disabilty.

A2K hit the BYW scene in 2007 where he performed with long time friend Ray Roberts, but unfortunately was recieved negatively by the audience.

following the demise of BWES, he joined 3CWE. his debut match was against Space Invader, in a losing effort, following his loss, he dissapeared for 8 months. in that time it was said he was training. he returned at the 2009 battle royal, where he entered 5th and was eliminated second to last.

A2K has no real accomplishments to date, but in his record he has been an IWF:M champion, and has submission victory stacked against his losses.

in wrestling

signature moves

Ankle Lock

electric chair


IWF:M champion

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