2 Xtreme Wrestling Syndicate

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2 Xtreme Wrestling Syndicate
Acronym 2XWS
Established 2008
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
custom-built ring
Founder and Owner Derek Keith
Main Wrestlers Derek Keith, Scott Gonch, Josh Ex, Volcano, Rockwall
Location Quesnel, B.C, Canada
External links 2XW Website
2XW Wrestling on YouTube

2 Xtreme Wrestling Syndicate or 2XWS is a backyard wrestling federation founded in 2008 in Quesnel, B.C, Canada. It is one of the best known Canadian federation. 2XWS is associated with Global Backyard Wrestling News (GBYWN). Derek Keith is the main figure of the fed ; he is both the founder and the owner of 2XWS. Other wrestlers have however marked the federation such as Scott Gonch, Josh Ex, Rockwall or Volcano. The current champion of 2XWS is Derek Keith since the end of 2009.

The main feature of the 2XWS championship is without any doubt the long rivalry for the title between Derek Keith and Scott Gonch - formerly called Scott Royal. Both of them have won the 2XWS title in 2009 and they are still considered as the the best wrestlers of the federation in terms of matches won.

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