"The Cheese Kid" Steven Alvarez

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"The Cheese Kid" Steven Alvarez

Ring Name(s) : SJ Varez, Cheezy Boy,

CK Varez, "The Cheese Kid" Steven Alvarez

Billed height: 5 ft 6 in

Billed weight: 145 lb

Born: March 11, 1993 (age 16) Riverside, California

Resides: Moreno Valley, California

Debut: August 2006

Steven John Alvarez (born March 11, 1993) is a Mexican-American backyard wrestler and musician currently on the free agent list, just coming off from the shut down of the now defunct show Backyard Kid Wrestling. He currently goes by his newer ring name CK Varez, an abbreviation of his classic name "The Cheese Kid" Steven Alvarez.

Before joining the now defunct Backyard Kid Wrestling, CK Varez began his backyard wrestling career in an unnamed three-man show in 2005. Alvarez then created, with the help of Cody the Kid, the Backyard Kid Wrestling organization in 2006 with his own character being an 80's auto mechanic metalhead. Within this persona he joined two seperate stables, The Cheezers (Cody the Kid and CK Varez) and Rap & Rock (Kamikazee Kyle and CK Varez). After winning the BKW Tag Team Championships four times, two with Cody and two with kyle, Alvarez moved on to become a main event wrestler when his two partners began a long rivalry against each other. He would soon move on to win multiple singles championships.

Overall, CK Varez is a six-time Backyard Heavyweight Champion, two-time BKW Champion, four-time BKW Tag Team Champion, one-time Death Champion, the second GBYWN Champion in history, and the first ever West Coast Champion.

Early Years

CK Varez was born on March 11, 1993 at around 3:05 P.M. at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, found in Riverside, California. As a toddler, Alvarez was involved in the sport of soccer. Between soccer seasons, Alvarez was introduced to baseball. After only two years of soccer, his parents decided to allow to play only baseball. He was mediocre at best, but outstandingly brilliant in school work.

He started his education at age four, attending Harvest Academy which was formerly found in Moreno Valley, California. After attending school there for two years, Alvarez moved to Riverside Christian Day School found in Riverside, California for his 1st grade year. The year after he transfered to Hidden Springs Elementary found in Moreno Valley, California. There he spent his 2nd though 5th grade years.

During his fourth grade year was around the time he had been introduced to professional wrestling. Although not completely interested at first, he soon amerced himself into the sport after receiving Smackdown 2: Know Your Role Video Game for the Playstation Game Console.

During the next two years following his discovery of professional wrestling, CK Varez continued to play baseball for the Canyon Springs Little League and watch what was then known as the WWF World Wrestling Federation.

Wrestling Career

Cheese Kid began his career as a backyard wrestler in 2005. This was due in part to the sudden discovery of backyard wrestling on Youtube by his friend and eventual tag partner Jason Cody Torres. After watching numerous matches, with many conducted by IYHWA and 2KW, the two decided to have a test match. So during the winter of 2005 they hosted a Four Man Battle Royal at Palm Middle School during their P.E. period. It was an immediate success, gaining respect from one another as well as the few who watched.

Unfortunately, Alvarez decided to abandon the idea of backyard wrestling for the rest of his seventh grade year. But during the summer of 2006, Alvarez met up with his former tag team partner Kyle Robert Apoldo. They began to discuss wrestling and soon the idea of gathering together their own federation was ignited. With the help of Torres, the three soon gave birth to Backyard Kid Wrestling. With the conception of the show came the immediate signing of people eager to put on a show. Some names included in the original batch include Krage "The Twisted Clown", Aaron and Nathan Hetrick (The Hetrick Bros.), and the three founders, Cody the Kid, Kamikazee Kyle, and "The Cheese Kid" Steven Alvarez himself. With this, Alvarez's career had been born.

The federation had it's first opening match in August of 2006 at Palm Middle School with another battle royal including all the wrestlers. The winner of the bout was none other than Alvarez himself. The second match Cheese Kid had contended in was to decide who owned the first two championship belts, the Backyard Heavyweight Championship and the Death Championship.In order to win the more prestigus Heavyweight championship, Cheese Kid had to defeat Cody the Kid. Defeated him he did and thus the titles were dispersed. He reigned champion for three months and half.

First Reign

The first contender to his championship was Aaron Hetrick, who just recently came out from a sudden victory over Cody the Kid. Taking place in September of 2006, the two competed at the Palm Middle School back lawn for the Backyard Heavyweight Championship. After taking a vicious spear from Hetrick, Cheese Kid came back to win the match with the Cheesifier and forced him to tap when he applied the Cheese Whiz.

Upon winning this match he was soon challenged again, but by both brothers this time. Opportunity arose then to disperse the new BKW Tag Team Championships, and so the challenge was accepted. Noting the size of the twin brothers, Cheese Kid saw that he would need someone of great knowledge and skill to win and soon took advantage of his friendship with Kamikazee Kyle.

A week after the initial championship bout, the newly formed Rap & Rock took on the Hetrick Bros. for the tag team championships. With a full crowd of people sitting at the hill stands and a few standing on the scene the two teams battled it out. The match had almost come to an end when Kyle was given Nathan Hetrick's powerful DDT. Upon given the blow, Kyle taged in Cheese Kid who followed up with the Cheese Whiz. With that, Nathan tapped and Rap and Rock were deemed tag team champions. Unfortunately this would not be set to last.

The next week, Cheese Kid had received an interesting challenge from a newly formed tag team, DGX. He accepted their challenge and upon showing up for the match, was faced by none other then his fellow tag team partner Kamikazee Kyle alongside Aaron and Nathan. The match had become a two on one handicap.

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