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A list of Typical Unit Stats for the ACW universe.


Hunter-Seeker Satellite Net

A group of satellites designed to look like non-military satellites or even space junk but in the case of an attack, they can be programmed to make a concerted suicidal assault against attackers.
Speed: Cannot Move
Attack: 1
Max Wounds: 0 (they die at the end of an engagement once activated irrespective of whether they win or lose)

Orbital Platform

Orbital platforms are barely manoeuvrable and little more than armour and weaponry. They are manned by a small crew of dedicated men.
Speed: Cannot Move (if forced to retreat they are destroyed instead)
Attack: 2
Max Wounds: 2

Screenship Fighter squad

Screenship fighter squads are small group of fast moving single manned ships (<30m) that act in concert, usually at the outer edges of a fleet.
Speed: Fast
Attack: 1
Max Wounds: 1
Interdiction you may sacrifice a fighter to cancel an enemy destroyer's ability;
Planetary assault can conduct conventional strike on a planets surface.


A destroyer is a small (60m to 150m) fast moving ship designed to destroy opposing capital ships.
Speed: F
Attack: 4
Wounds: 1
David vs Goliath If a destroyer is chosen as your main attack ship and you win PSR, you do one wound to each capital ship in the enemy fleet as well as other wounds.


Gunships are like Destroyers writ large (300m to 1600m). The main difference is that they sacrifice speed and agility for armour protection
Speed: S
Attack: 3
Wounds: 3
Kinetic point defence cannon deal one additional wound to enemy fleet that may only be allocated to fighters and destroyers for every pair of surviving gunships after combat is resolved.

Carrier / Dropship

A Carrier is a large capital ship (>2000m) designed to house and launch squadrons of Screenship fighters or house ground troops. Whilst large, carriers are not equipped with anything more than token armaments. They rely on other ships to protect them.
Speed: S
Attack: 0 (can still attack)
Wounds: 6
Capital Ship carrier / dropship is a Capital Ship
Home Base Carriers serve as a Home Base for Screenship Fighter Squads and/or ground troops (in which case they are usually referred to as Dropships)
Planetary Bombardment Has orbital bombardment ability.


Cruisers are like light battle-cruisers that operate in squadrons - still huge, but not the biggest ships in a fleet.
Speed: S
Attack: 2
Wounds: 4
Capital Ship A Cruiser is a Capital Ship
Coordinated fire If selected as the attacking ship and operating with at least one other cruiser, add +1 attack.
Kinetic point defence cannon deal one additional wound to enemy fleet that may only be allocated to fighters and destroyers after combat is resolved.
Planetary Bombardment Has orbital bombardment ability.


Battlecruisers (also known as Battleships) are the largest ships in a fleet (>5000m) built solely for the purposes of waging space warfare. They are heavily armed and armoured and in a rare few cases are capable of opening wormholes.
Speed: S
Attack: 3
Wounds: 5
Capital Ship A Battlecruiser is a Capital Ship
Massive the sheer size of the ship means that attacking it is difficult. +1 to PSR in combats in which the enemy fleet has fighters or destroyers as its main attack ship.
Super Heavy Batteries Automatically deals one wound to enemy fleet that may only be allocated to gunships and capital ships irrespective of who won the engagement.
Planetary Bombardment Has orbital bombardment ability.

Core Ship

The heart of any inter-solar fleet, the core ship is frequently the only ship in a fleet that can open and sustain a safe, traversable wormhole. It is always heavily armoured and frequently is well armed as well.
Speed: S
Attack: 1
Wounds: 7
Capital Ship A core ship is a Capital Ship
Wormhole Generator may initiate a Krasnikov jump if in Extreme orbit, friendly ships may also choose to jump with it.


A brigade of armed men equipped with anti-personnel weaponry.
Speed: Slow (surface movement only), cannot enter space unless boarding a Dropship.
Attack: 0 (can only attack troops or screenships, and only when on a planet’s surface)
Wounds: 1
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