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The idea behind the Chronology page is to produce a single list of major events in the A Colder War universe. This way new players can have a quick view of the universe, and people writing can make sure their info fits in with the existing timeline.

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  • If would would like to help read the How to Help section.
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--Randall Sakai 01:13, 4 November 2006 (EST)

How to Help

The easies way for you to help will this project is to make all the dates in the pages you create or edit links. That is put 2 pairs of square brackets around them [[ ]]. That way the become links to pages withe the year as their name.

Some of these pages may already exist (blue links), and other will not (red links). If they do not currently exist it would be good if you could create the page, including just the following code:

 #redirect [[Chronology]]

This will make the year page rediect to the Chronology page, and people editing the project can use the What links here to add events to the Chronology.

Note: When you Save page the year page with the redirect you will be presented with a page that says "There is no wiki by the name of ?....". Don't worry, your page was saved, just a problem with this implementation of the wiki doesn't handle redirecting after adding redirect pages.


If you have any comments/suggestions please stick them here, or click the + at the top of the page and start a new topic.

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