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CHARACTER NAME: Sir Lawrence Allaware, OBE, 54th Marquis of Mumbai, Commander of His Majesties Space Navies


BIO: Considered to be the finest military leader of the current era, Lord Allaware, OBE, 54th Marquis of Mumbai and Commander of His Majesty's Space Navies is a rabid imperialist and veteran of over a hundred conflicts. He is an older man of 75 with the bearing of a man in his mid 30's. He is responsible for ensuring that the Space Navy of the SBE is the finest in the world, a task which he approaches with considerable gusto. He has a prticular dislike for the USSR, feeling that their egalitarian government model is ugly and that the proletariat should certainly not be empowered let alone be allowed to govern themselves.

Lord Allaware was born in Mumbai to Sir Reginald Harrison St. John Allaware KCVO and Lady Meredith Lucinda Allaware (nee. Hamilton). At 18, Lawrence was given a posting as Lieutenant Commander on the Orbital Torpedo Destroyer, the HMSS Havoc II. It was during the routine shakedown of the vessel before full service that Allaware was responsible for quashing the assault by Indonesian separatists operating out of Singapore, on Terrestrial British Malaya. What would have decimated the land and air defences of the Empire's (then) newest state was instead turned into an expansionist victory in which the SBE retook Singapore. This was only possible through the tactical brilliance of your Allaware in moving the Havoc into firing range of the of the enemy ships and drawing their fire.

It was this event that set him on the course to taking the position of First Space Lord. In a number of later engagements, including the infamous siege of Beirut - where Lord Allaware made the decision to fire upon a civilian target from orbit to end the nuclear siege that had been going for 2 weeks, the future head of His Majesty's Space Navies was always regarded as being prepared to take whatever actions he deemed necessary for the protection of British subjects and the defence of the empire.

Lord Allaware is rumoured to be a member of the shadowy group "The King's Men"

Gender: Male

Age: 75

Birthplace (Country, Planet, System): India, Earth, Sol

Profession: Commander in Chief of the Royal Space Navy

Physical Description: Ramrod straight back, tanned and leathery complexion and piercing grey eyes. Lord Allaware has the energy levels and fitness of a man less than half his age. His hair is a uniform steel grey which he keeps short (so that it doesn't float about when in 0-Grav). Though not especially tall, people often describe him as being taller than he really is due to his bearing and personality

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