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Quadrad logo

Quadrad is a benevolent society whose aims are to assist groups in need. Initially created by one of the founders of Intelsoft to assist 3rd world countries on Earth, it has branched out to assist new colonies in need.


Mission Statement

"Quadrad exists to assist those in need. We will step in where required to return balance and harmony."


Created in XXXX, pre intersteller flight, as a non profit organisation by a founder of Intelsoft. Its aims were to assist people in 3rd world countries.

With the invention of intersteler travel Quadrad took up the challenge of assisting colonists in need.

The recent destruction of Earth has brought about a new era for Quadrad. It now puts much of its effort into finding new homes for refugees of what was once the 3rd planet of the Solar System. Resettling and counselling those who are in need.

Message from the Chairman


Much of Quadrad's work is coordinated from Callisto, the 4th moon of the 4th planet of the Sol System.

Society Members

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