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Percival Seat commands the Arthurian spaceborne forces. Percivals are martial, quick to anger, uncompromising and calculating.



The Need for Fighters

Merlin Server records indicate that a small number of military personnel were cryogenically frozen on board the Arthur in case they were ever needed. The Archives of the Department of the Ark Ships explain that this was because it would be better for the mission to have experienced personnel available at a moment's notice rather than have training diltued throuh generations of inactivity. Hui-Zhong Matheson, a space fighter pilot, was thawed out in year 90 of the journey because the Merlin server's long-range servers picked up a power source in previously unexplored space. Some researchers have connected this power source to the cataclysmic event of year 125 that caused the massive changes in Arthurian society. Whatever she found out in space, Matheson was changed considerably. Over the next twenty years she kept up a constant relationship to the burgeoning Gawain Seat, and it appears she received even more advanced implants than the rest of the Arthur. In year 146, the remainder of Matheson's pilots were also thawed out, and she re-formed them into a squadron. The inantry were also thawed out and armed. Records show an engagement with an unknown enemy.

Percival Seat forms

Shortly after this engagement, Matheson adopted the name Percival Prime, and recruited her pilots into the new seat. The infantry were folded into Percival, led initially by Percival-2. Records reveal that some were reticent, with at least three pilots and twelve infantrymen committing suicide rather than join Arthurian society. Percival is the most secretive of the Arthurian Seats, but it appears that the current sitting Percival Prime is in fact the same Hui-Zhong Matheson that boarded the Arthur on Earth, though this could be due to Percival keeping their succession records off Merlin.

Drone Development

Lancelot Seat splits from Percival

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