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Talk pages are places that you can leave messages (comments/questions/etc) about a particular page.


Formatting tricks

There are a few tricks for formatting comments on wiki talk pages that you may want to use.

Starting threads

Just click the + symbol next to the Edit link at the top of the page. This create a new thread for your message.

And when you reply click the Edit link next to thread headings. This will put the thread subject in the edit history so it is easier to tell what it was about.

Signing comments

You can add your signature and a datestamp at the end of the message by putting four tildas, ~~~~. If you want to enter your own name putting five tiltas will just add the date, ~~~~~.

Indent text

To indent you text put a colon ":" at the beginning of the line. Use multiple colons to indent further. You will need to put a colon on the new line to indent it.

Line break

You can also do a line break without putting in a blank line by using the html tag <br>.

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