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Welcome to the A Colder War wiki.

As the game setting is both a collaborative roleplaying project and the setting for future games in the campaign, there are a few ground rules for contributors.


Rule 1: Players Only!

Please do not encourage people who are not part of the game to edit the Wiki.

The designers would prefer people who are not players to refrain from adding to the setting, unless they are specifically invited to do so by, or have sought permission from, the designers.

Rule 2: Player-Created Content

Rule 2a: Moderated content

While this is a collaborative setting, there is an original concept that the designers have in mind. If they deem content to be outside this concept, the author will be advised to edit it to bring it back into line. If the authour doesn't edit it, we will.

Rule 2b: Canon and Non-Canon

The designers are currently trying to devise a method of marking new content as 'canon', thus bringing it officially into the game setting. Anything deemed to be 'canon' can be referenced ingame. If it's not marked 'canon', it might not be right.

Rule 2c: GM content, while canon, is not gospel

The GMs are constantly populating this wiki with bare-bones names and dates. You should always feel free to elaborate on these massively. Only very few of the names and dates are essential to the ongoing plot, and if you accidentally edit one out it will be replaced by a GM reading your submission.

Any glaring factual, logical or scientific holes SHOULD BE CORRECTED. If soemthing does not make sense to you, edit it so it does, even if it's GM content.



This is a collaborative effort, we need your content to make it work. If you feel your content is being unfairly edited or removed, get in touch with a designer and we'll work it out.

Rule 3: Common Sense Editing

Remember, this is a totally public wiki, and the character you are playing is ongoing. If your character has a secret, DON'T put it in your character's wiki page! Think about what you're posting before you do.

Rule 4: Some Specific Rules

Rule 4a: Some Things Are Immutable

Some things are deliberately restricted because the designers want to keep it this way. We are open to new ideas, so if you have an awesome way to expand the setting that breaks this rule, run it by us and we'll probably OK it.

Please do not add the following to the wiki without consulting a designer:

  • New interstellar factions (background for existing nations on Earth is fine).
  • Aliens of any description.
  • Psychic powers or magic.
  • New systems, or new inhabited planets to existing systems (adding new uninhabitable planets to existing systems is welcomed as it adds believability).

Rule 4b: Some Things Can Only Be Changed Ingame

Colonising a planet is not as easy as editing a Wiki page, nor should it be, especially when other people are frantically and actively trying to prevent that happening so they can colonise it themselves. The Wiki is not the place to make changes to the game universe for ingame benefit to your character.

Please do not edit the following things:

  • Other people's character pages (unless the information is flagrantly and empirically inaccurate).
  • The ownership of territories.

That's it for the rules! Go forth and Wiki!

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