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This page explains (briefly) how to edit wiki, and the basic wiki markup.

Stolen from the SUTEKH wiki, Cheers Sam for writing it.



  • Use double spacing between lines to create paragraphs. Single spacing will be ignored by the parser.
  • Use [[ and ]] to link to another Wiki page, e.g. [[pants]]. Use a pipe symbol to link to another Wiki page under an alternate name, e.g. [[pants|link to pants]]. (pants, link to pants).
  • Use * to create dot point lists. Use # to create numbered lists. These may be combined for multiple levels of lists, e.g. *##List Item 1.1.
  • Use equals signs to create headings. The more equals signs, the further a heading becomes nested. e.g. == Wiki Markup == is a main heading, while === Text === is a sub-heading.
  • Text may be made '''bold'''or ''italicised''. (bold, italic)
  • Links to other places are made like this: [ Google]. (Google)


You have to upload images first, but once you do, use the newly created Image: reference within your markup.

  • [[Image:image-source.jpg|image]]
  • [[Image:image-source.jpg|thumb|Type your caption here]]
  • [[Image:image-source.jpg|right|thumb|Right-aligned thumbnail image with caption here]]

Please try to enter all on-page images as thumbnails, as they help keep your wiki pages neat.

User Talk

If you wish to sign your User Talk changes, use the following sequence of characters; ~~~~. For most browsers, this appears as the Signature button at the top of any edit window.


There is a problem with pages that contain question marks. Try not to create them, as they are annoying to interact with.

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