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The Title of the Game

The designers of ACW do not lay any claim whatsoever to the title A Colder War, which is Copyright Charles Stross. Naming the game this was purely conincidence.

ACW is a non-commercial undertaking, and does not collect renumeration or turn a profit from the use of the name. Should there be any problem with the use of the name A Colder War, contact the designers at

Before you post

You should know that: When you post in this wiki your content becomes the intellectual property of ACW, as per section Your Rights on this page.

However: The contents of this wiki are published under the Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Australia Creative Commons License.

What does that mean?

It means, in short, that:

  • ANYONE may use the information in this wiki, BUT
  • They may NOT do so in a commercial fashion.

This work is based on my original idea (but it should be noted as per point 1 above, NOT my original title), but is mainly written by your collaboration.

This license protects your work by making it my Intellectual Property (thus bringing it under the license), and the license prevents it being used for commercial purposes.

This is because I don't see a fair way for anyone to make money off this undertaking, since it will be added to by such a large number of people.

If you still don't get it, read this.

One Caveat

This license doesn't mean that ACW cannot publish and sell the text in this wiki. However, since the content is now irrevocably released under this license, it means that if you were to make a photocopy (copy) and hand it out (distribute), that would be totally legal. Were ACW to publish (and it could never do so under that name anyway), it would always be 100% available to you for free.

Actual License Text

Can be found at this page.

Who are we?

ACW is Nick Irving and Kane Salzer.

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