Hardy's Law

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Because gravity creates significant instability in a wormhole, wormholes are opened a significant distance from planetary bodies. Current wormholes open between 650 and 900 million kilometres from Earth (scale up or down from that when approximating for other planetary bodies using the relative gravity comparison to Earth)

The last two centuries has seen this distance decrease over time. Whilst there are some remarkable jumps during the 23rd century, the last one shows a far more stable decline. To the point where commercial interests coined Hardie’s Law in the 24th century, which for the few who might not know says that the distance a safe wormhole can be opened from Earth decreases at a rate of 1m every 10 seconds.

That works out by the way at around 3,000km a year and amazingly enough, if you look at the linear trend of the last century that is the rate that safely traversable wormholes have been growing closer to Earth.

Recent developement

The Neuostland Crisis created quite some stir when the 3rd Intersolar Russian Fleet broke Hardy's Law in a spectacular way.

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