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Eye of the Storm

"And you say this artefact can be caused to have a... a similar effect?" asked Albrecht Goss.

"Our preliminary researches indicate this is so, Reikskanzler." Detweieler's voice emanating from the speakers in Goss' desk.

"Where is the object now, Leutnant-Doktor?"

"Fuhrer, the object is safe," Reichsfuhrer-SS Marder interjected. "Leutnant-Doktor, that will be all."

"Yes, Reiksfuhrer. Hail Goss." Detweiler replied, almost too quickly. The screen winked out and slid silently into Goss' expansive desk.

Goss, Fuhrer of Grossdeutschland, looked across his desk at Marder. It was a severe break in protocol to pre-emptively end such a conversation, and he was not impressed by the Reicshfuhrer-SS's effort to prevent him learning details of the SS-Wissenschaftkorps' latest acquisition. Looking around the room, taking in the two impassive Waffen-SS guards, he suddenly felt less than safe.

"So, Marder," he began, deliberately dropping his subordinate's rank. "This Russian peace congress. Will the object be at all relevant during the proceedings?"

"You shouldn't worry too much about that, Fuhrer. The Wissenschaftkorps will make it known at the appropriate moment. Do you have any specific orders for the SS during proceedings?" This last sentence was dripping with something between irony and derision.

"I was expecting your men to provide security at the congress, nothing more. Your representatives will be the two officers from Neuostland... von Kogel and Brucher?"

"Ahh, yes. SS-Oberstgruppenfuhrer von Kogel."

Goss did a double-take. "Wait, Oberstgruppenfuhrer? My file says Obergruppenfuhrer."

Marder smiled, showing the barest sliver of teeth. "Ah, but my Fuhrer, he has been promoted for his bravery."

"To your second in command?" Goss asked incredulously.

"Yes, Fuhrer."

This was bad. Despite his best efforts to lock the SS out of the congress, the second most powerful man in the SS would be at the peace congress.

"Now, Reikskanzler, if there is nothing more..."

"No, no, Marder, you may go. I need to meet with the Foreign Minister. Now, where did I put that file..."

At the door, Marder turned. "Actually, Reikskanzler, Minister von Eisenstein told me to let you know he did not need to see you."


"The meeting will not be necessary, Reikskanzler."

"Marder, this is most irregular..."

But the Reiksfuhrer-SS had left. Incensed at such an abandonment of etiquette, Goss strode towards the door, intending to castigate the wayward SS commander. Before he could leave his office, the two massive SS guards stepped into his path.

"Out of my way!" shrieked the Fuhrer, but the SS men made no move.

Suddenly it dawned on Goss what Marder had just done.

Session Details

A Colder War: Give Peace a Chance will be the first game of ACW for the 2007 story arc. It represents the efforts of the Great Powers to deal with the rapid and dangerous deterioration in the extrasolar colonies' delicate peace. The game ran at Sydcon 2007.

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