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The DC-Com Archives is a registered of the main English links following the Colombian Conflict.


U.S. authorities have remained strangely silent regarding the Colombian government's decision to delay or cancel the extradition of AUC Chief Salvatore Mancuso on cocaine trafficking and money laundering charges. The Narcosphere.
The story of one officer's rise and fall in Colombia's drug wars illustrates the challenges police face. St. Petersburg Times.


Salvatore Mancuso, one of the best known and most feared of Colombia's paramilitary leaders, has become the first top-level leader to testify about his crimes. Over four days between December 19 and Tuesday of this week, he has begun to give his "versión libre" - a confession of his past crimes - as part of the deal which gives leaders of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) vastly reduced prison sentences.

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