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Undisputedly, the best group ever in all of WMACS history was B5 of 2006, which was was made up of 14-15 year old boys. The campers in this group include Andrew Poo, Alex Han, Jayon Wang, Phillip Chang, Sean Huang, Terry Siu, Anthony Hwang, Quantum Wei, Jonathan Yao, Jonathan Hale, Franklin Zheng, and Brett Chung as the counselor. This infamous group of individuals made a huge impact on WMACS. Jayon Wang, Sean Huang, and Terry Siu later came up with many of the group's famous words/phrases, such as: "GIGITTY!", "R U SERIOUS?!?!", "PENGYOU", "SCARRYYYY!", and "DISGUSTING!!", just to name a few. The campers in the group all had their special talents and contributed to the group's fame (see below). Everyone in the group helped make B5 what it is today: the most totally AWESOME group in WMACS history.

Special Talents we all had:

  • Andrew- friendliness to everyone and popular last name
  • Alex and Sean- awesome yoyo skills/ownage
  • Jayon- jokes/funny actions/catch phrases and "special" bond with the G3 girls
  • Terry and Quantum- atheleticism/basketball/football skills
  • Sean- natural gift for attracting the girls and pimping it up (giggity!)
  • Anthony- openess and knowing of almost everyone at camp
  • Jonathan H.- singing multiple chinese songs and for his disses and comebacks, etc.
  • Phillip C. - unusual attraction to fire and being a pyro
  • Franklin- getting into Thomas Jefferson/photographer (Quantum got into TJ as well)
  • Jonathan Y.- being good company to the group


Special Relationships with:

  • G3
  • G4
  • G5
  • B3
  • B4
  • B6

(basically everyone!)

The group went through many things together and also won various awards. Jayon was nominated "Cutest Girl", Alex was part of the winning basketball team, Terry was a basketball all star, and Sean/Anthony's team got 1st place, for example. All B5 people have undoubtedly formed a strong bond with each other and are all friends. They will join forces again at the reunions!!


  • Note: the front three people, Brett, Sean, and Jayon, look sooo hot that they have been named the Epiphany of Giggity (as named by Jayon).
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