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PVBBG!!! Best chapter in the order everyone is suupper involved! They host a dance every year called Pink and White where all proceeds go to breast cancer awareness with their brother chapter, Pascack Valley AZA #1353!!!

2018-2019 Board

N'siah - Emily Char

S'ganit - Aly Cohen

Morah - Jenna Golub

Mazkirah - Melissa Reifman

Gizborit - Maya Gross

Sh'licha - Lily Cohen

Mekesheret - Hannah Keen

Sunshine Girl - Camryn Levy

Council Board Members: Jenna Cohen (MIT Mom)

2017-2018 Board

N'siah - Jenna Cohen

S'ganit - Emily Char

Morah - Sarah Stupak

Mazkirah - Aly Cohen

Katvanit - Rachel Brunn

Gizborit - Stephanie Reifman

Sh'licha - Lauren Cohen

Mekesheret - Melissa Reifman

Achot - Lily Cohen

Pink and White Chair - Hannah Keen

Council Board Members: Samantha Zuckerberg (N'siah)

2016-2017 Board

N'siah - Nicole Rabenou

S'ganit - Lauren Cohen

Morah - Jenna Cohen

Mazkirah -Stephanie Reifman

Katvanit - Isabel Weiner

Gizborit - Avery Paulen

Sh'licha - Taylor Lansey

Mekesheret - Sarah Stupak

Achot - Emma Lustigman and Hannah Nassau

Sunshine Girl - Emily Char and Lily Cohen

Spirit Chair - Devon Margulies

Pink and White Chair - Rachel Brunn

Council Board Members: Lauren Tancer (N'siah), Leah Yaker (Mazkirah), Samantha Zuckerberg (Achot), Samantha Brunn (Senior Involvement)

2015-2016 Board

N'siah - Serena Steinfeld

S'ganit - Nicole Rabenou

Morah - Samantha Zuckerberg

Mazkirah - Lauren Cohen

Katvanit - Stephanie Reifman

Gizborit - Leah Yaker

Sh'licha - Rachel Barcelona

Mekesheret - Jenna Cohen

Council Board Members: Lauren Tancer (S'ganit), Samantha Brunn (Sh'licha)

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