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[edit] Chapter Board 2012-2013

  • N'siah: Dani Weingarten
  • S'ganit: Sarah Spiel
  • Morah: Julianna Flint
  • Sh'licha:
  • Mazkirah:

[edit] Chapter Board 2011-2012

  • N'siah: Liv Drimer
  • S'ganit: Nicole Javorsky
  • Morah: Dani Weingarten
  • Sh'licha: Allie Randell
  • Mazkirah: Sarah Spiel

[edit] Home of:

Kallah BBG is proud to be the home of 17 Big Apple Region Regional Board members!!!

  • Regional N'siah: Dani Kahn
  • Regional N'siah: Sharon Kahn
  • Regional N'siah: Sarah Strum
  • Regional S'ganit: Keren Baruch
  • Regional S'ganit: Tracy Soren
  • Regional Morah: Juliana Flint
  • Regional Morah: Stephanie Aronson
  • Regional Morah: Sivan Ben-Aderet
  • Regional MazGiz: Jenna Kahn
  • Regional MazGiz: Molly Karrow
  • Regional MazGiz: Katie Rosoff
  • Regional Mazkirah: Kirsten Ennis
  • Regional Sh'licha: Sarah Strum

[edit] Spirit Apple Winners:

  • Fall Convention 2010
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