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Observation Data
Type Substellar Object
Spectral Class L5VI
Distance 0.087 LY (5,500 AU)
Rotation 4.3 days
Age 350 MYO
System 1 planet
Major group n/a
Physical Characteristics
Diameter 78,800 km
Radius 39,400 km
Surface Area 9.75 x 1e+9 km2
Volume 2.56 x 1e+14 km3
Mass 1.51 x 1e+28 kg (7.95 MJ)
Density 58.9 g/cc
Gravity 648.375 m/sec2 (6.09g)
Escape velocity 226.04 km/sec
Luminosity 0.00001 L
Temperature 1,500°K

Cachalot is the nearest sub stellar object from Aeolus at a distance of 0.087 LY or roughly 5,500 AU away. It is a Type L5VI brown dwarf with an effective temperature of 1,500°K making it an extremely faint and small object. It is estimated that this object formed at around the same time as Aeolus as they share the approximate age, both objects formed about 350 million years ago.

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