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Gregory Wolff
United States Senator
In Office:
2006 - 2018
Preceded by Barack Obama
Succeeded by Elizabeth Battenberg

April 6th 1965
Lake Forest, Illinois
Political Party Democratic Party
Spouse Elizabeth Li
Religion Catholic


Childhood & Education

Gregory Wolff was raised in Libertyville, Illinois. Born to rich Northshore Democrats Jonathon Wolff& Gina Wolff. The young couple owned a house off of O'Plaine Road, and sent there first born to the little Cabin middle school of Oak Grove. After graduating from Oak Grove he attended Libertyville High School from 1979-1983. After graduating from Libertyville High School he attended a couple of Universities before coming back to Lake County to attend Lake Forest College. He graduated in the top 10 of his class.


After graduating from Lake Forest College, Gregory Wolff moved to D.C. and began working for the CIA. He is not to this day, able to speak about certain events that took place while he was a operative for the CIA. From what little details can be put together, he worked at the Soviet Desk, and then headed the Europe desk.

Gregory Wolff grew tired with his work in the CIA around 2004. He worked on the Kerry for President campaign in Illinois, and moved back full time to his house in Libertyville. Kerry lost the election, and Gregory Wolff looked for something to occupy his time.

Run for the Senate

Gregory Wolff was the outsider in the run for the Democratic Nomination for Senate in 2006. He had received the nomination after beating a crowded field of Chicagoans. They had split the Chicago vote which had allowed Gregory Wolff to garner the vote from Northern, Western, and Southern Illinois. Gregory Wolff ran a spirited campaign, and faced off against Republican Nominee Franklin Varkin (R) the former Mayor of Carbondale.

Gregory Wolff won the election with 56% of the vote. Franklin conceded gracefully, and became good friends with Gregory after the election. Franklin eventually gave Greg's wife, a job at his firm.


Facing a tough candidate, Elizabeth Battenberg, Wolff lost his seat after 12 years of service. He then commited suicide on his hotel and left a note saying he was involved in a plan to kill Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Elections Results

Illinois Senate Election, 2006
Candidates  %
Gregory Wolff [D] 56.00
Franklin Varkin [R] 44.00
Total 100%

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Preceded by
Barack Obama
Senator (Class 2) from Illinois
Served alongside: Casmir, Williams
Succeeded by
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