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McGoomscotty is a Goomba in the Paper Luigi game that is Luigi's first partner. He has a Scottish accent and is GoomBob's dad. He has the ability to tattle on enemies and use the headbonk move. McGoomscotty never appeared again, except in a flashback by GoomBob. He was mentioned during the Videogame War.

Videogame War

Thought during the Videogame War it was mostly Mario, Pac-Man and Sonic, one of the kids who was looking at kids fight for their videogame heroes and did not like it, randomly shouted "MCGOOMSCOTTY SAVE US!"

That kid was a fan of Paper Luigi the game, and decided to shout his favorite partner's name. Thos stopped the fighitng for some minutes and left some people confused. After a few minutes the war went back on. After the war stopped, people laughed at him for being so random.

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