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A teleporter is a device which can transfer a solid object from position A to B wirelessly at the speed of light or faster. Three different principles (methods) can be used to create such a device. All the object's atoms are scanned by 2 energyplane 2 (EP2) rays which cross each other at the scanning point. The atoms which are present at the scanning point modulate the sum and difference of the frequencies in the 2 crossing beams. The beams consist of a type of EP2 energy that can penetrate all energyplane 1 matter. The modulated swingproduct is digitalized and scanned by a photon computer. This computer calculates the numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons in the matter scanned. The computer generates a binary code containing this information. This code is sent to the receiving destination. At the receiving destination the physical object is rebouilt of plasma using the binary code as it's reference. This method means that a solid object is copied exactly at the destination. This method needs a lot of frequency spectrum and it requires a lot of time to send even a small physical object if the spectrum used is limited to the electromagnetic spectrum. One must have access to waves on energyplane 3 to make this method useful.

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