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A Royal Elohumman is a variation of human that is like a standard elohumman except you can't just become one you have to be chosen by the elohumman's species creator. The idea was created by Liam Wyett after accidentally viewing images of body modification.


preparation of a royal elohumman

This is how a Royal Elohumman is created

The creation of an Elohumman

First five neck rings are fitted on their neck, then their tongue is surgically bisected or "split". After that the ears are subjected to "elfing", their teeth are sharpened by a proffensional using a filer and their neck is flesh plated with the flag of the country the person was born in.

The choosing process

Then if the creator wishes the person to become a royal elohumman they will be told to go to a top secret conference area who's location cannot be revealed because of legal boundaries. Then the person must go through a ritual that will help identify them as as royal elohumman to others.

Transformation process

If the now royal elohumman wishes they can be given status to appoint other royals under the supervision of the creator by undergoing these body modifications: a horn implant on their head, installation of nipple sheilds,a septum tusk through the septum of their nose, an installation of an eyebrow localized flesh coil and three knuckle peircings

exclusions and additional notes

  • Elohumman flag flesh plating excludes Vatican city, in which case the flag will be the Italian flag.
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