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1700AD Population in England and Scotland approx 7.5 million

247AD 1,000th anniversary of founding of Rome

939AD Oct 27: Edmund I succeeds Athelstan as King of England

1163AD Danegeld tax abolished

1202AD Pope Innocent III initiates the Fourth Crusade

1270AD Eighth Crusade

1326AD First Scottish Parliament

1350AD Black Death first appears in Scotland

1364AD Charles V (the Wise) becomes King of France

1451AD University of Glasgow founded

1516AD Thomas More writes Utopia

1605AD Nov 5: Gunpowder plot at Westminster

1622AD First English newspaper appeared

15 metres long and weighing about 45 tonnes was Predator X. Its skull alone was nearly twice the size of a tyrannosaurus rex's, and its bite force unmatched by anything in the Jurassic seas. 147 million years old, lived in Europe

the epidexipteryx. Only the size of a pigeon, this predator was the most bird-like of any dinosaur and is the first known case of ornamental feathers

winston churchill = british pm = ww2

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