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general information

it was a bipedal carnivore which belonged to the family sourischia which means lizard hipped. it existed in the late cretaceous period and was localized in both the united states of america and canada. it's length and weight like all animals varied through the age of it but a fully grown adult albertosaurus had a length of 9 meters (30 feet) and a giant weight of 2 tonnes


living and eating

the albertosaurus is a carnivore (meat eater).it preys on smaller, weaker and slower moving dinosaurus compared to itself such as "duck billed" dinosaurs roughly the size of a standard rhino, in canada a group of albertosaurus skeletons have been found close together in one single place which strongly suggests that the albertosaurus lived in herds with fellow albertosaurus's

similarities to other dinosaurs

the albertosaurus is a close relative of the tyrannosaurus rex the only obvious diffrence between them is the fact that the albertosaurus has it's eyes on the side where as the tyrannosaurus .rex has it's eyes on the front of it's head like humans have their eyes.


the albertosaurus has many a time been dubbed a "land shark" because of it's eating habits described above

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