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From Tyler Zahnke

Welcome! This is my official fan mailing list! Here, you will find instructions on how to sign up for my fan mailing list. You see, this is just a wiki server, and, at the moment, we can't provide a form where you can just type in your email address, so here are the instructions. You could just email me a request at [email protected], and we could subscribe you that way. But here's the manual way of doing it.


To sign up for my free fan newsletter:

  1. Send an email to [email protected]. In the subject or body (not both) of the email, type the word subscribe and send it.
  2. The Ecartis Freelists bot will automatically send you an email, telling you that you have successfully subscribed. If you ever want to leave the list, follow these instructions again, replacing subscribe in the subject (or body) of the request email with the word unsubscribe.


I would like to thank John Madden and the other folks at Freelists for making this mailing list possible.

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