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Machine Wars (Story)

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In Machine Wars, Cortez and R-110 set off to infiltrate Crow's new lab.



Thrown into the midst of the Machine Wars, Cortez cunningly enlists the help of an R-110 combat droid. Now he must explore the war-torn ruins around the UltraNet complex. There must be an entrance to Crow's lab nearby...


  • Locate the UltraNet secret laboratory
  • Reach the battle tank
  • Gain access to the processing facility
  • Obtain a cybernetic security implant



Walkthrough - AD 2243 (Rise Of The Machines)

Turn around and grab the second scifi pistol. It carries a punch so don't be afraid to head shot the warbots you encounter. Before getting anywhere close to the tank, grab the medical kit in the corner first. Not all enemies are the large warbots. The black beret wearing chick is an enemy, although this may be an attempt to mimick the TX from Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines. For all intents and purposes, you can set her on fire, if you had a flamethrower.

On board the tank, your current Cortez (note to self, never write a story about time travel) should focus on firing on the ground forces. The small bots can be run down using the tank, but the larger tanks and barricades need to be blasted. Be sure to blast the tanks from as far off as possible and strafe to avoid their incoming fire.

Head into the tunnel and blast the tank to quickly reach the end of the section. Some action occurs and Cortez will be in the human resistance HQ. Follow Angel (the white chick) and meet up with Mordecai (the black dude) and pick up the plasma autorifle from the dead warbots.

Work through the area, doing headshots or pinging an enemy with a plasma grenade. Depsite the autorifle not having a magazine, don't hold down the fire key or you overheat the damn thing. Don't get hit too much, because you'll need that life.

Blast into the small building and waste everyone. Mordecai will operate the stamping machine allowing Cortez to get his robot ID pass. Note there is no way to avoid being damaged in the chamber, so suck up the damage. Heading on afterwards has the group come under fire from the factory's defenses.

Take the sniper rifle and inch out from behind cover. Nail each gun turret (there are no less than eight) with the sniper rifle. Fight through the aqueducts and grab any power-ups to restore health. Both Mordecai and Angel can be "dispensed" with here on out. Blast all the enemies and head towards the road to get a temporal recursion.

Get on board the tank and look for the fighters either coming at the tank in the front or the back (it's random). Focus only on the fighters -- the bot Cortez will take out the tanks. Once the factory entrance is reached again, the R110 will accompany Cortez into the factory.

Grab the minigun and work through the large plaza. Zap the warbots and don't worry too much about conserving ammo, since it all resets on the next stage.

Locate the jeep at the top of the large stairs and get in. The goal to reach to factory is still there, but Cortez will need to drive at top speed to get some serious firepower. If you're a mechster or a gearhead, you should be drooling over the Goliath. R110 will hotwire the control panel, but Cortez will need to operate the Goliath (above right illus). It's a rail shooting segment, but hold down the fire key and keep tapping the missile key -- you might get lucky and down a fighter. Try to blast all the fighters to escape to the next section. The Goliath is tough but not invincible, so be quick and accurate with those massive weapons. When all the fighters are destroyed, you enter the factory for real and end the stage.


  • The drunken Ghengis Kant is sitting in the corner talking about how robots rebeled.
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